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  1. Buyer has not contacted yet so feel free to place bids again people!
  2. Sold to @HasanZuhair!!! Please PM me your contact info for IG transaction and timings so we can meet up and make the sale.
  3. If no one bids in the next 24 hrs , the property will go to @HasanZuhair
  4. Mp=185k Furn= 241k Starting bid=430k Buyout=800k Pic's are attached below! 2 Bed Room, 2 Baths. Open floor plan kitchen and living room. Accessible balcony and an amazing view. This place also has access to a huge communal garage accessible by Elevator. OOC INFO: IG PIC'S: (Can't attach direct for some reason so uploading as a link) https://ibb.co/1Kmz7Mf https://ibb.co/HxcbzWX https://ibb.co/3dLXdM8 https://ibb.co/F5GfgFk https://ibb.co/0YGCpyJ https://ibb.co/q9XS8gy https://ibb.co/fMZQTpZ https://ibb.co/44qTC6d https://ibb.co/z80S00n https://ibb.co/89MJwM5 https://ibb.co/Snjdr0g
  5. Trade for an 8F and 20k? The 8f is max-spec and best performance and security and only 800 miles.
  6. Trade the Riaden for an 8F drafter max-spec?
  7. Trade for an 8F Drafter and cash on top from your end?
  8. 8F Drafter for trade . Max security and performance packages and 800 miles. If you throw in 100k on top, we can trade. What do you think?
  9. Trade for a Drafter with 810 miles, best security and performance pack?
  10. Detailed Description IFM already allows renaming of drugs but it makes it very hard for cigars and tobacco products in general to remain relevant when they are limited to the brands available. If I recall correctly there are only 4 brands of cigars only accessible through. I have been told by many players who have put this suggestion forward that they have been told that cigars are considered illegal products as they are banned in the US but according to US law Cuban cigars are illegal in the United States is down to the trade embargo that was put in place between the US and Cuba in February 1962. Main point here being Cuban! So we should have access to plethora of other brands of cigars that are not Cuban. Relevant Commands/Items /createitem seems the most reasonable and easy to implement for this. How will it benefit the server? First of all, all legal businesses will not have to force themselves to get involved in Illegal RP to get cigars or powergame getting cigars from other places than Cuba. It will also allow variety and add depth to the very shallow system of Tobacco. This can also allows Illegal suppliers to get their hands on Cuban brands which are more desirable in peoples eyes. Maybe this can even allow the opening of a local tobacco brand similar to the thing we do with breweries. Overall, unless businesses really really want cigars at their bars or stores they serve no purpose and even if they do add them there the choices are very limited. So this will greatly help bring a new layer of RP to the business side of the server.
  11. I got one so not buying anymore.
  12. Would prefer security and performance upgrades but not necessary. Email any offers along with pictures and a photo of the cars papers.
  13. Please bring the button back, it has also disabled the B button on my X-box controller and affects gameplay a lot for us.
  14. Place has no interior as I originally wanted to map the place out. Exterior pic attached below. Market price=105k. Starting bid=75k Buyout at 105k or more.
  15. Want to buy a Jester Classic. SMS any offers!
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