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  1. Username: WessideReal1 Comment: yo hyna u want sum more chiva? hmu 390-128-57 low prices $$$$$$
  2. AR's for someone not paying insurance 😎
  3. and they respawn every time with no loss whatsoever.
  4. Detailed Description Pretty simple, just add a mapped in phone in protective custody that functions the same way for the male/female pods. Relevant Commands/Items Scripted phone, exactly the same functions as the ones in the male/female pods. How will it benefit the server? It'd add RP for characters that are in protective custody, allowing them to be able to communicate to people outside of TTCF for the duration of their stay. I've had two characters this week request phone calls.
  5. They were being rp'd regardless in their /examine? what difference does it make to have the actual symbol ig
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