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    Speedo trade with Boxville
  2. I would love it, I love basketball a lot and there is a big basketball community that just can't rp properly because it is very limited and hard to do within LS. A local leuge would be insanely fun
  3. There is clearly space. Builds like this are made all the time irl I dont see how it would not work a bed and a small kitchen fits perfectely.
  4. It sounds like a awesome idea. The prokect car rp with friends is arguably the best and most fun rp with sooooooo much to do and it is soooooooo fun. I honestly think this is a good idea!
  5. Well, its like the calculator app. Something for conveniency.
  6. Well, its like the calculator app that exists, its just convenient. Maybe you argue calculator should be removed from the phone though? IDK to me it sounds like a great idea.
  7. Username: WillHay Message: I know it is under the start price but if you don't find a buyer I'll give you 20 K for it...
  8. Username: WillHay Message: This should get aurum to a new level what a great signing! #cleanenergyforacleanworld
  9. Username: WillHay Comment: I could trade with a Schyster Fusilade, with performance upgrades, its a sports car with luxury feel, custom tyres, lock upgrade and anti theft improvements.
  10. Username:WillHay Comment: The jet ski rentals have a good price. I never felt bullied when I went there.
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