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  1. Immaculate Youga 4x4 For sale - Low Mileage - Cheap on insurance -Handles offroad like the best of em. -All around cool wagon for a cheap price! Open to all Offers! Looking for anything over 30k Ideally!
  3. Vehicle is now Sold -Congrats @TomRom97 Please contact me on 6505106 in order to complete the sale!
  4. Closing this in 6 hours, any last offers are welcome, if not @TomRom97 takes it.
  5. Lovely Well Kept Lampadati Novak For Sale! Mileage - 1250 Security - Superb Level Antitheft, Standard Locks and Alarms. Modifications- Brand new Multispoke Alloy Wheels, Full Limo Tints All around, FULL PERFORMANCE PACKAGE Inclusive of a new turbo and new performance Gearbox. Price - £210,000 ONO Feel free to call me on 6505106 or even shoot me an email ((forum PM)) All offers welcome here also!
  6. STOCK LOW MILEAGE SPEEDO EXPRESS FOR SALE! https://imgur.com/a/gc5pIjL Completely stock Internals, Suspension, Everything! Blank slate for whatever you need. Plenty of room for modification. Mileage: 80 Pristine Condition, Factory white paintwork, No knocking whilst driving. Looking for offers above $50k!
  7. Mint Condition, Heavily Modified Blista Kanjo for sale. https://imgur.com/a/XXXMhvu Heavily Modified Engine, New oversized turbo and fully forged internals, Lowered on Coilovers. First to see will buy!! 28 Day Insurance. 2055 Miles Starting - 35k Buyout - 45k
  8. Make it $70,000 and its yours.
  9. Annis Kawaii! Stock Motor Suspension Everything. Roof and spoiler been removed. Low Mileage (Under 100) Open to all Offers !
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