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  2. I'll just say as someone who has been in serious roleplays across a lot of different games (Arma, Gmod etc.) this is one of the most OOC based roleplay servers I have ever been in, despite this server's weird obsession with witchhunting people for "bad roleplay" and "dealing out of character" almost the entirety of the server is based on OOC cliques / connections and deals. The elephant in the room no one wants to talk about is that this romanticized ideal of going into a bar, having a drink with a guy, and then through conversation buying illegal items or joining some gang or organization is completely bullshit. First of all, if you even ATTEMPT to discuss illegal activity, despite your character being brazenly a criminal themselves, you will almost always get told to fuck off by people UNLESS you join their discord and give them CK permissions. It's only then you're treated as one of the various "locals" or "associates" and you essentially have to follow what is most likely a group of OOC Discord Play-To-Winners around, as usually one of them is a supplier. I find it comical that a server that tries to work so hard on its roleplay basis obtaining guns and drugs through an OOC process, which usually results in an OOC clique going around and picking on people attempting to join their faction because they applied for a role OOCly. Sure, there's the exception here and there, I have bought some drugs on some characters in the past, but the majority response to you attempting to roleplay is a prompt Ay cuh bro blud run yo pockets hur dur. Driving around I don't see roleplay. I see cops and robbers, and the fact there's really 0 ways to legally earn money as a citizen goes to show. There's also no crimes to be committed except drugs and selling guns, so it's obvious the only thing crims will be interested in is murder. but thats just my perspective as a noob of 6 or 7 months now.
  3. Its incredibly unfortunate illegal and legal roleplay is forcibly segregated. As a huge fan of LCN and OC, it's incredibly sad to see the state of mob roleplay on the server. Because of this concrete separation of illegal and legal roleplay, LCN crews are reduced to incredibly boring and downright silly roleplay. I have even see LCN crews (not criticizing them, they are simply dealing with the same issue as the rest of us) go around and run a "scam charity" in which they basically just beg for money. This server treats itself extremely seriously, but in reality there is so little RP for illegal factions its no wonder why murder and robbery are the two main passtimes of criminals. Criminals have legal sources of income, they don't just make money and buy houses by selling stolen PF guns a hundred times at age 14. Very sad to see
  4. Welcome to illegal roleplay. Prepare to also be stabbed, shot, and continually robbed and killed for walking down a street. Oh, and if you complain about it, you're a bad roleplayer. Enjoy.
  5. Here's an idea: how about we create more legal businesses or legal infrastructure for better roleplay on both the illegal and legal side? The mafia didn't roll around in a minivan Masked up looking for victims to rob, they operated corrupt trade unions, building projects, etc. Street gangs are difficult because much of street gang culture is about being a shooter, but being a shooter in real life will get you thrown in prison until you're taken out in a body bag. Robbery, let alone **kidnapping**, which is so common on this server, goes laughably unpunished. Tl;Dr if you create more legal and rp oriented ways that citizens can make money, illegal rpers will follow along, rather than engage in the current joke of rooftop automatic TDM between 14 year old bloods and crips.
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