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  1. Hey there, I'm interested in the monthly rent. Number's #3860, throw me a text when you can.
  2. Still offering previous bid.
  3. Kruga9

    [L & A]

    I'll take the Hakuchou for 80.
  4. make sure u pay child support
  5. nothing was overdone. the ones playing darts were drunk, using /roll to determine where the dart would hit, a roll happened to land on the guy's finger. shit happens dawg and everyone that participated enjoyed the rp. if you find it cringe then i dunno what to say my guy
  6. all of them were drinking bro lmfao. we're sorry that our rp doesn't stop at "/me sips on his beer" in a corner of the pub 🤨
  7. drunk college kids making awful decisions? never
  8. SOLD. ((can now be L&A))
  9. I've sent a PM to discuss things further.
  10. Advertisement closed. ((can be L&A))
  11. Very fun to drive Cypher with the full performance package (turbo, transmission upgrades, brakes, engine upgrades), lowered suspension, top of the line security, legal tint, 431 miles and 22 days of insurance left on the time this advertisement was posted. Starting bid: $130,000 Buyout: $164,000 Pictures of the vehicle. ((OOC STATS))
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