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  1. Username: EyesontheTyrants Comment: what a *&$%ing bitch, hope she gets fired! those port authority tyrants need to be checked
  2. You were arrested by a SWAT team because you hang with a JT gang, are a child who goes out armed all the time and have been arrested for robbery previously. And you were also armed when we came to arrest you, ran off from us and got beanbagged. I can give statistics to how much we deploy, it's not a lot.
  3. Just to make further clarification, if a LEO has a rifle slung in front of them with the new script, do they have to roleplay grabbing it and letting it drop on the sling everytime? Or is this rule just pertaining to role playing a larger weapon from a bag or from behind you etc ?
  4. Name: Alejandro Estrada Phone: 1219439 Offer: 325,000
  5. Name: Alejandro Estrada Phone: 1219439 Offer: 300,000
  6. I'd like to buyout on this property.
  7. I don’t know how you can say there needs to be established guidelines when there’s literally caselaw examples provided from the US Supreme Court in this thread. Yes, I agree that some Pd/sd don’t know the laws well enough and conduct frisks illegally. Not disputing that. But in your case, it was perfectly legitimate.
  8. They’re not frisking you for a traffic violation. They’re patting you down because your character is a convicted murderer whose known to carry guns. That with other things that were stated are perfectly valid reasons to perform a pat down for their safety whilst they carry out the stop. The benefit being they don’t get blasted.
  9. Being a member of the PD, I know many people have legitimate gripes because some people either don’t know or choose not to learn American caselaw. And that’s both American and people from other countries. However, for the OPs incident, that is not the case. Put yourself in the shoes of a police officer whose stopping (From what I read) a convicted murderer, priors for illegal guns, whose potentially on drugs and is showing suspicious behavior. Yea, you’re getting patted down for weapons every day of the week before I deal with you.
  10. Personally, I have to end up avoiding these events because the streamer craps out and all my buildings and roads disappear and it ruins any immersion or fun for me. If the server could handle the mass amount of people , even with lag, and actually have everything stable and not disappearing. It would be extremely fun, and these events are fun for people. Some people do stupid unrealistic shit but admins usually crack down on it pretty well. If the streamer could be fixed, these kind of events are great fun for people. At the end of the day, If you don’t like it, don’t go. side note, these kind of events are completely realistic if you’ve followed the news in the US for the last year or so. It just sucks that we can’t properly organize a solid police response due to crashes and streamer issues.
  11. June 1st Estrada receives a pager of a barricaded armed subject and responds to the scene. Squad Leader Weiss already has a team on site with containment on the shooter, Alexis. Along with the team, police crisis negotiator Warner is already in dialogue with the girl. Officers searching for a battery suspect entered the gym believing she was inside. When clearing a locker room area, Alexis fired a handgun at a police officer and critically injured him. Through the work of the SWAT team and the negotiator, Alexis was taken into custody unharmed and taken to county jail to answer for her crimes.
  12. May 31st Estrada heads on a supervisor patrol along with long time friend Officer Navarro. They respond to a foot pursuit in the El Burro hills area and when approaching the main scene, they are involved in a minor traffic accident. The event spawns an interaction with a local, Ray, that leads to some refreshing community interaction. During the patrol they come across a local drunk who seems worse for wear. A vehicle pursuit on a stolen vehicle ends badly for Estrada when the suspect runs through a local business and attempts to escape out of the back door. Estrada expects this and meets him there as he runs out. As the suspect climbs over a fence, he follows, but the fence gives way leaving him falling several feet onto his shoulder. In pain, he visits Pillbox Hill Medical Center for treatment.
  13. May 29th The Los Santos Police Department hold a career fair in preparation for an upcoming recruitment drive. Estrada, Weiss and Clarkson set up the booth for D Platoon. On display is the various equipment used by SWAT during crisis incidents such as gas launchers, armored vehicles and personal protective equipment. May 30th Estrada holds a small graduation ceremony at the Metropolitan Division Facility for the recent SWAT school class SSC-0521. The class was the last of the old recruitment method as the platoon transitions into department wide tryouts. Each graduate received their SWAT pin and their own personal issue Kimber Custom sidearm. Also during the ceremony, Sergeant Clarkson was awarded with a sharpshooter medal for his actions during a chaotic incident.
  14. May 28th 18:00 - Sergeant Estrada works on moving in to his new office at the Metropolitan Division Facility in La Mesa. After taking over as Officer in Charge from Lieutenant Dimos, he gets to work processing letters of interest for the SWAT tryouts that were opened to the department. His prized possessions include an encased football signed by the Raiders and a model spacecraft built by his son. 20:00 - Whilst on patrol, officers receive a call for a man with a gun, threatening to shoot the caller and threatening his own life. It quickly turns in to a possible hostage situation and members of Estrada's SWAT team respond to the scene and set up containment on the residence. After some brief negotiation, the subject surrenders outside but informs officers that he already shot a victim inside. The team make an emergency breach whilst taking Brandon into custody and the SWAT tactical medics, along with fire personnel, work on saving the victims life.
  15. The Los Santos Police Department's SWAT Team (D Platoon) has been plagued by issues of low manpower and most recently, tragic events that lead to the death of two operators. This thread will follow Estrada as he takes the position of Officer in Charge and attempts to turn things around. (Not used to RP screenshot editing so, I'll do my best to improve)
  16. Short description: be able to wash cars at home / faction car parks Detailed description: So, with how quickly cars get dirty in game, it’s very impractical for factions such as SD, PD especially to take their entire fleets through a couple of car washes. Especially special units who don’t always use their vehicles everyday. And a lot of people self wash their prized vehicles at home as well. Commands to add: /washveh Items to add: How would your suggestion improve the server? Allow people to roleplay washing cars, open up hand car washes and allow factions to clean their script at their car parks Additional information: there’s already a script for it with the car washes , but allow the command with a warning that it must be properly rped or require items to be bought at the 247 or something, like buckets, hose etc
  17. Short description: Be able to attach a bicycle to the back of your vehicle for transport. Detailed description: Similar sort of deal to attaching vehicles to the flatbed but instead it would attach to the back of any reasonable vehicle that could have a bike rack on the back (Or top). Commands to add: /attachbiketop, /attachbackrear Items to add: None How would your suggestion improve the server? This would allow people who enjoy taking their bicycles to the beach or into LS county to transport them without having to ride them all the way out there. It will also provide an opportunity for PD/SD to attach patrol bikes to cars to use it as a temporary patrol function and increase face to face roleplay instead of them being bound to an area like Vespucci and unable to respond to anywhere else if needed. Additional information: Hopefully it could be an easy adaptation of the command used to attach cars to flatbeds. If this is not doable, I would ask that people are able to have a command to spawn/tp their bicycles when beside their vehicle with the appropriate roleplay. Example pictures of RL:
  18. Mick

    911 Call Delay

    @whoever quoted me Okay you’re talking about police response times not how long it takes for police to receive a call via CAD. Receiving, dispatching, responding and arriving are all separate things. I agree with delaying the actual call being sent to law enforcement for 15 seconds max because realistically the information would need to be inputted and relayed to units. You’re wanting to add additional time to portray more real life response times of units actually arriving on scene. But they don’t really correlate because on the server, you can speed off at 140mph and be out of the city in 60 seconds whereas in real life LA that wouldn’t happen. So the balance has to be taken into account.
  19. Mick

    911 Call Delay

    Some delay is okay but not 60 seconds. First thing dispatchers do is ask for an address of the location and instantly create a CAD that shows to units on the pending list. This occurs whilst still gathering details and updating the CAD as officers respond to the call. I’d say 30 seconds would be more realistic.
  20. I think a lot of people would be in favor of a 12 hour clock or a bi-weekly/monthly timezone rotation. There is a way bigger NA playerbase than people seem to realize that get stuck in the dark, myself included. It may be fine as it is for EU players but it would be nice for people to acknowledge that 95 percent of NA roleplay happens in darkness.
  21. Either way it’s done, a less cluttered screen would be greatly appreciated
  22. It would be nice to switch it up on a month to month basis so NA time zones could experience an active server during the day hours. Month of current time, month of a NA time and rotate.
  23. Mick

    CAD Messages

    This is definitely needed. It will allow LEO factions to have more realistic means of communication and allow us to remove this power game radio usage we have today where cops actively monitor 10+ radio frequencies at once.
  24. This needs to happen, we haven’t realistically roleplayed radios at any point and the system is garnered from the SAMP days. You shouldn’t be able to actively monitor 10+ radio frequencies at once, 2 max for gaming reasons. With that, we need the CAD message and group sms suggestions to go through to give people and LEOs other avenues of realistic communication.
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