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  1. June 1st Estrada receives a pager of a barricaded armed subject and responds to the scene. Squad Leader Weiss already has a team on site with containment on the shooter, Alexis. Along with the team, police crisis negotiator Warner is already in dialogue with the girl. Officers searching for a battery suspect entered the gym believing she was inside. When clearing a locker room area, Alexis fired a handgun at a police officer and critically injured him. Through the work of the SWAT team and the negotiator, Alexis was taken into custody unharmed and taken to county jail to answer for
  2. May 31st Estrada heads on a supervisor patrol along with long time friend Officer Navarro. They respond to a foot pursuit in the El Burro hills area and when approaching the main scene, they are involved in a minor traffic accident. The event spawns an interaction with a local, Ray, that leads to some refreshing community interaction. During the patrol they come across a local drunk who seems worse for wear. A vehicle pursuit on a stolen vehicle ends badly for Estrada when the suspect runs through a local business and attempts to esc
  3. May 29th The Los Santos Police Department hold a career fair in preparation for an upcoming recruitment drive. Estrada, Weiss and Clarkson set up the booth for D Platoon. On display is the various equipment used by SWAT during crisis incidents such as gas launchers, armored vehicles and personal protective equipment. May 30th Estrada holds a small graduation ceremony at the Metropolitan Division Facility for the recent SWAT school class SSC-0521. The class was the last of the old recruitment method as the platoon transitions into department wide
  4. May 28th 18:00 - Sergeant Estrada works on moving in to his new office at the Metropolitan Division Facility in La Mesa. After taking over as Officer in Charge from Lieutenant Dimos, he gets to work processing letters of interest for the SWAT tryouts that were opened to the department. His prized possessions include an encased football signed by the Raiders and a model spacecraft built by his son. 20:00 - Whilst on patrol, officers receive a call for a man with a gun, threatening to shoot the caller and threatening his own life. It quickly turns in to a po
  5. The Los Santos Police Department's SWAT Team (D Platoon) has been plagued by issues of low manpower and most recently, tragic events that lead to the death of two operators. This thread will follow Estrada as he takes the position of Officer in Charge and attempts to turn things around. (Not used to RP screenshot editing so, I'll do my best to improve)
  6. I think a lot of people would be in favor of a 12 hour clock or a bi-weekly/monthly timezone rotation. There is a way bigger NA playerbase than people seem to realize that get stuck in the dark, myself included. It may be fine as it is for EU players but it would be nice for people to acknowledge that 95 percent of NA roleplay happens in darkness.
  7. Either way it’s done, a less cluttered screen would be greatly appreciated
  8. It would be nice to switch it up on a month to month basis so NA time zones could experience an active server during the day hours. Month of current time, month of a NA time and rotate.
  9. The description on the video literally says what it is. "Anything goes on Cayo Perico, a private paradise that's home to the infamous El Rubio, the world’s preeminent narcotrafficker and supplier to the Madrazo family. " Private island owned by a drug trafficker. I doubt it's going to have much of a residential commercial infrastructure rather just a party island with some buildings and completely tailored to a big heist mission.
  10. Because my idea was that there would no crime allowed on the island, it would purely be a base for people to roleplay the start of their smuggling operation and a vacation area. Then they would have to find out ways of evading law enforcement, smuggling their shipments to the mainland via boat, plane, then on the ground etc. If crime was allowed, you'd need PD/SD there and that would be very difficult for a real smuggling dynamic to take hold.
  11. I mean yea you could but it gives a reason why PD and SD wouldn't be on the island itself. Not an actual country in itself but an island of a country, ie Mexico or whatever. I mean, it doesnt really matter, rather the way it's used as I suggested could be a cool dynamic.
  12. I think it could honestly be cool to have it as a base for smuggling and holiday resort from a fictional seperate country. It could open up some great roleplay between smugglers and law enforcement, having to find different ways to smuggle drugs etc to the US mainland (San Andreas) via plane, boat etc. It would then open up a reason for PD/SD to have maritime units to intercept said smugglers, and detectives investigating smuggling lines. Though with this being a fictional different country, there should be no crime occurring and no police required there. Just a vacation area for l
  13. I agree with you that a lot of report writing is not up to par. I think that can put down to people not necessarily realising that what they write is evidence to a crime that can be used at court (and scrutinized) and not just a justification for putting someone in the game into game jail. I think you have a valid concern here and I too have sometimes dropped the ball in my reports pertaining to evidence because its a game. And that's coming from someone who actually did it for a living as well lol. I think this is something that PD could take as constructive criticism and work better on perso
  14. Airship over a hotcall, hoping to bring some more first person / cinematic views of police incidents and chases.
  15. Mick

    Force Cop CK.

    I just wanted to respond to this as it’s your basis behind a lot of what you’re saying. Cops have a duty to respond to things they come across, especially domestics, and I happened to drive past as you guys were fighting in the front yard. It was actually great role play to begin with and I informed her that her vehicle had been stolen and was about to leave when she rped attacking you in front of three cops and obviously had to be restrained. In the end she ended up fighting and resisting with the power of a god and rped dying of a heart attack After trying to kill herself from holding her br
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