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  1. I'm so sorry you guys are going through that @MrsHamster I wish there was more we could do! This has me crying my eyes out at my desk. 😭
  2. Yes please, I'm so tired of having to pick my bike up! 😧
  3. I dunno if this has been suggested before. We need a Rock, Paper, Scissors command like /flipcoin. Command: /rps We had a situation earlier where coroners/Medical Examiners were playing Rock, Paper, Scissors and it's way to power gamy to roleplay that, so it's better to just have a little command for it. Thanks for reading! 😄
  4. This is already implemented at Riverside Rods. You can go ahead and request the script added to your business location.
  5. This would be a cool property request, like a smart TP or something. :3
  6. Hi guys, I currently work with DMEC on the server, I used to run a business on GTAW in about 2018-2019ish cleaning up dead bodies,(PRE DMEC) it was a very specific set of skills and only a few people in our entire faction had, we kept it that way on purpose, and I've worked on crime scenes in real life. Most people don't understand how hard it is to actually commit a murder(Specifically without a firearm), much less clean up dead bodies. It's very, very messy. It's smells horrible. Career Crime Scene Cleaners that have been doing this work for 20 years still get absolutely fucking sick at some scenes. The longer a dead body is around an area, the worse it becomes. Bodies purify and liquify fast, with 8-16 hours it's already seeping into the floor/subfloor and concreate in the area the body is discovered in, it takes extensive skills to even get the job. I'm underqualified as a carpenter for the work. not to mention the chemicals and tools needed to clean up dead bodies are quite expensive, it requires whole teams people with everything from brick-layers, tilers, carpenters and even ground consolation members, therapists and MANDITORY time off and Therapy. So, you can also account for time. IC it takes like two hours to get from Sandy Shores to Los Santos, if you let the body sit long enough in a crime scene it can get pretty gross very fast. The only ways I could see this being implemented is if only one or two faction members have this ability. One of them would have to be your faction leader or a Vice President/O.O.G. Way back in the day when GTA had Top 5 factions, we had about 25-30 members total and still had only 2 people do this role. So the role should be restricted heavily by LFM. it's approved by admins like /arob and stuff. DMEC/COPS can discover the body and exhume it along with any evidence left at the scene. requires special items provided by IFM. For example "Adenosine Triphosphate testing machine's" these are used to source human DNA, any detectable amounts and the entire crime scene has to be cleaned again IRL.
  7. You just gotta ignore the (M)eme's as best you can... 🤮
  8. Username: LawyerUp Comment: after going over the records, I can't find an arrest around this time. I don't think anyone actually got arrested. Even more libel, the parties in the photo are having their reputation ruined by some rag. Sue! Sue! Sue!
  9. ((OOC: I'm in game and reached out, let me know when you aren't busy! 😄 ))
  10. I don't have much to add other then this is turning into Cops vs Robbers. 😆
  11. Username: LawyerUp Comment: Textbook case of libel. If I owned stock in this news company, I would sell it.
  12. Give me your number and I can reach out! 😄
  13. Would you be willing to meet me in the middle? 😄 $120,000?
  14. Hello! Are you interested in a Komoda!? It's got a custom plate, # ICED It's Ice/Frost white, whatever fight me. Pick one. Dark tints, custom rims, and white walls. It also has a chopped suspension, complete engine rebuild, and an upgraded transmission. Fuck yeah it has a Turbo, and a recently installed GPS. Only 657 Miles on the Odometer! Asking $130,000. Will Negotiate. I haven't got around to installing security features, park at your own risk. ((Mind the absolute dog shit image compression. Thx <3)) Thanks for viewing! 😄 Now accepting offers!
  15. They should just insta-ban the shitty robbers and be done with it entirely, no warnings, no appeals. 🤮
  16. Department of the medical examiners - coroner here. We currently have somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 to 40 murderers a day! 😄 That's around 7,300 - 14,600 murders a year. O_O
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