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  1. Hey, I'm wondering how do you get the gas station/247 job? I was talking to some guy working behind the counter and he said I had to be hired by someone on the forums. I can't seem to find that section though. Thanks.
  2. Found it, thanks. Now how do I make another character? I can't seem to find the character app section.
  3. How do I delete one? I can't find any delete key.
  4. Hey. Just wondering how many characters you can have on your account? 3?
  5. came from fiverp, don't agree with rule 2. plz hate me
  6. Dont bother upgrading your psu, thats more than enough power. look around at prices before buying a gou. I bought a 1080 that was on sale for over $150 on amazon that I was gunna pay full price for from my regular store that I buy from. you might beable to find a deal and get a 1070
  7. I paid $100 for this game, couldn't play it for about 3 weeks since it was poorly optimized. Finally got to play after an overdo update and didn't like it very much. Haven't played in probably 4-5 months. Would not recommend.
  8. I agree with the application process to a point. I feel like no civilian needs an armored vehicle, only political figures should get them. Increasing the price of them won't do anything, since everyone should eventually be able to afford a plane/armored vehicle, even the gangsters because they make just about as much money as a legal character.
  9. Any aftermarket CPU cooler you get will already have thermal paste on the plate, so you don't need to buy more.
  10. I remember playing this game when I was like 10-13 years ago..So whatever version was out 15-12 years ago was the one I was playing.
  11. You'll get there again. First game - top 20 Second game - I won Last night, I made it to top 4 without even seeing another player... Just now - Top 35, went and took a shit, came back to be in the top 20. Continued on and finished 9th without seeing a single player.
  12. Lag isn't an issue for me. I get around 150fps, maybe drops to 90. The issue I have is there's no real reward system..Like you spawn in, collect shit for 10mins, then finally find someone. I'd like it if there was a reward system other than the coins to buy crates with.
  13. https://imgur.com/a/PLStA 2011 GMC Sierra extended cab Modifications - Billet grille Aftermarket LED fog lights Spyder HALO black tint headlights K&N performance cold air intake kit Rough Country 7.5'' suspension lift kit with upgraded struts and upper control arms 50'' curved light bar (above windshield), toggle switch on the dash to turn on/off Power/heated towing mirrors Bullydog Intune v2 performance tuner chip Line-X spray in bed liner Go Rhino black powder coated bed rails Cat back stainless steel duel tip exhau
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