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  1. The workaround we've found for this, in order to facilitate external agencies having access to our facilities is blank business scripts. This would be your solution here. Every building of the school should have a blank business script attached so you can "hire" your students and teachers and other staff, allowing them building access without the faction requirement. And, in this manner, it will be possible to also facilitate recruitment from other already established factions. Of course, it goes without saying that ANYTHING ULSA can do to help with this, either IC or OOC, we'll be more than glad to! Just let us know!
  2. -= The Tool Shed =- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One of the oldest, and best Hardware Store in all of Los Santos! Located on Clinton Avenue, Vinewood, the Tool Shed aims to cover your hardware, home improvement, DIY and rennovation dreams! Our friendly staff will more than happily help you find the right tool for the job and if you don't know how to use it? No problem! The Tool Shed's certified handymen can visit your premises and perform ANY work you need! Visit us and see for yourselves! -= Official reseller of Ace Hardware =- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Tool Shed is an official reseller of Ace Hardware (www.acehardware.com). Anything we don't stock, we can order through our partnership with Ace Hardware and notify you when it has arrived, OR deliver at your location* *special order fees apply. Service is valid for all items, except those that can be considered melee weapons. -= Our Current Stock =- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In the link provided, you can see what our current stock looks like, on top anything you would usually find in any hardware store. Please return to this page often, to stay up to date with our latest stock! >>>> CURRENT STOCK LIST <<<< For any information, contact Andrew Sherville at: #29-15-102
  3. As a member of ULSA's faculty from summer till now, and strictly faculty, as well as wearing the current hat of Chancellor, many of the challenges that would be met with this kind of project, are challenges that I'm meeting already. So I'll start bullet pointing all of my thoughts on any kind of "education faction" and hopefully it will help you form a more clear image on how this might become a reality. If you're looking for realistic portrayal, take into account the following: - classes generally do not happen at night - a high school in Davis (unlike a university) will most likely NOT attract students from the wealthiest parts of the city. It would be "bad portrayal" for a Richman or Rockford kid to go to Davis high. So this part of portrayal will need to either be thrown out of the window, or this project should limit its student population to areas that make sense to be there. - during peak hours the high school should serve more as a hub for people to congregate,play sports, listen to music and/or night school for older, poorer adults that want to complete their GED in order to get into higher education or a better paying job. - security in high schools are not the same as security in a university. We're talking batons at best, versus gang bangers with Glocks As far as personnel to comprise this project, again, based on my experience with ULSA, and leaving students aside that will obviously be the "main focus" - It's better to focus on administrative and disciplinary personnel, rather than teachers. Administrative personnel will always have RP to do and will never feel un/underappreciated. I've come to this realization very recently: - a student in such a group simply needs to show up, with zero preparation - a teacher in such a group needs to devote X amount of hours to prepare their material. Asking people to keep devoting hours for empty or unappreciated classes, burns them out and demotivates them. - you will most definitely need a method to track attendance, and this method needs to be based on "students online" with no penalty or pressure to those not online at the time. Also, people joining this high school should have a clear image about what they're doing and why. It is assumed that the kids that actually go to school and don't drop out to hustle 24/7 have some sort of goal they're trying to achieve. Sure, you'll have your high school dealers, you'll have your school gang reps, but ultimately all of these groups should have a reason to stay in school rather than not for some goal. Doing stupid shit that would get them expelled should be the guiding factor in what to avoid. For some group being in school may be access to customers for drugs, for others it may be gang representation. Ultimately, it may be best if all illegals in the school are somehow tied to another group - official or not - who would ideally "smack them" if they become the reason for their group to lose access in the school. These are my immediate thoughts, on top of everything others have suggested so far. From my perspective having a high school would only add to the server, but the caveats are many! I hope you'll manage to get through all of them!
  4. My genuine question here is, "what about those not in groups or factions?" If CK apps become a thing between groups or factions only, then you pretty much establish... What? That unless you're in a group you cannot CK someone? What about being CK'd? Will that be allowed, thus making the unaffiliated even more of an easy target? From the few appeals I've read, I agree that the system seems to need work, but I think that limiting the ability to kill and be killed to groups and factions only, makes life difficult for a group of people who already have it difficult to begin with. Those that are not affiliated, and for whatever reason do not want to become affiliated. Imho, what needs to be done is tougher regulation on the approval of a CK, that will lead in less appeals, or, ideally, once a CK is performed, the affected party to be given access to the CK app submitted so they can see the evidence themselves before deciding whether an appeal is necessary or not.
  5. The University of Los Santos, San Andreas, is still seeking to fill our vacancies for: Educational Faculty staff (Professors, Sports Coaches) Campus Security Additionally, we would like to announce our new security scheme and hourly rates, making us one of the most competitive security employers: Campus Security Security Officer Employment Options: Hourly Rate Available positions for both Armed and Unarmed Officers Salary: Pay per hour - Most competetive rates in the industry Probationary Officer: $4,375 (max 8 hours / week) & $2,200 Overtime pay (max 5 hours / week). Up to $46,000 / week Security Officer - I: $5,000 (max 8 hours / week) & $2,600 Overtime pay (max 5 hours / week). Up to $53,000 / week Security Officer - II:$6,250 (max 8 hours / week) & $3,200 Overtime pay (max 5 hours / week). Up to $66,000 / week Full posting details can be found here Come find us at this week's Career Fair for more information!
  6. The University of Los Santos, San Andreas, is seeking to staff its Office of Strategic Communications, and is therefore offering the following vacancies for both high-level and entry level applicants. The Office of Strategic Communications will be tasked with creating and promoting the University's public media and social media campaign as well as create open and clear communication lines with other organizations of the State. Please find below the relevant vacancies. Office of Strategic Communications Interim Vice Chancellor of Strategic Communications Employment Options: Full-Time Salary: $80,000/WK Full posting details can be found here Administrative Assistant (Social Media Marketing Employment Options: Full-Time Salary: $40,000/WK Full posting details can be found here
  7. Not to mention that head also means: Shot their ear off Shot their nose off Shot through the cheeks / busted jawline Lost an eye There is a score of life definining, debilitating and deforming injuries that might develop a character more. And I'm sure some gangers may want to rock that disfigured look!
  8. This is an excellent guideline for the time being, and while it seems a little in-depth, it does help to solve most cases. Is there any chance we can have it somewhere more obvious than burried in a player report from last May? Even as a temporary measure, I feel it would help to coordinate scenes "in the heat of the moment" so to speak without having to exchange (ideally) a single ooc pm.
  9. Looking to rent or buy a storage unit. Ideally close to North / northeast Vinewood or Hawick but any location will do. Rent Offers MUST allow interior changes ((construction rights enabled)) Contact: Andrew Sherville Ph: 2915102 Mail: [email protected] ((Or Forum PM))
  10. The University of Los Santos, San Andreas still has multiple openings, for any individual that would like to consider a career in an Academic Institution. Consult our Staff Applications on our Website, or look at the top post for a sample of current openings.
  11. Renewed Interest. Applied through e-mail (Andrew Sherville)
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