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  1. @Biscuit for his continued dedication at developing the MDC and the Panel, you're awesome.
  2. I believe this should be possible, or at least I can hope it is since this could open a whole another venue of gun RP.
  3. Oh lord as a traffic cop I can say that 80 percent of my play time is traffic stops on people that don't have any idea of how driving also plays a role in roleplay.
  4. There could be a problem with the database on their end, doubt anyone from the community will be able to assist here since it's a behind the scenes issue for us but I suggest you directly contact an admin for the issue. Also try the discord their support page to see if anyone knows the issue. Otherwise I would probably directly contact one of the admins to see who you should contact to solve it.
  5. Weird, tried doing it with a different character? Make sure you're in the vehicle while trying to access the menu and that you're in the correct position also make sure you're pressing Y button for interaction.
  6. Try leaving any crews you might be part of in the online game. Try reinstalling your graphics drivers. Try to turn compatibility mode in rage MP and GTA to a different windows. If you're using the steam version, verify files. Make sure to restart your computer when you do any changes. Make sure rockstart client and steam are opened prior to trying RAGE MP. If nothing really seems to do anything, then I suggest using a different windows for the time being until a solution is found.
  7. Sir, why were you going a hundred and twenty miles per hour in the city?! I'm sorry officah, this a brand new car, getting used to it.
  8. Try leaving your crews online if you're part of any, they tend to bug you out like this as well.
  9. A break from anything is basically a must at one point, you get burnt out even if you enjoy yourself. It will come after you, so take a break, play some other games, try new hobbies, go out into the world and meet people. Trust me if you're a gamer, you will come back to gaming eventually but you will come with a fresher mindset, you will mature per say.
  10. I've got my main to level 70, finished the main story and I'm currently grinding some honor, doing mythic 0 dungeons and just enjoying all the end game content. There's loads to do but you don't have to do anything. Finally no more borrowed power, just your character and your gear. Feels great. The world pvp is also off the hook with the new Dragonriding, it's soo much fun when a War Mode supply drop happens and everyone soars in on their MF dragons like it's a How to Train Your Dragon movie ^^ Very epic. Amen to that brother.
  11. Hey! The new expansion is out and I am currently playing on Turalyon/Doomhammer realm on EU as Horde. If anyone from the community wants to hook up and explore the new content together, hit me up! Also wondering for anyone playing the game, how are you enjoying the release soo far? Finally fucking dragons.
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