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  1. Looking good! Always nice to see a bus roaming the map.
  2. Funniest shit ever, might watch it again in the near furture.
  3. Hasn't this already been fixed? Prison inventory - when jailed/prisoned you can no longer access your items, they will be ICly kept and you will return them once you finish your jailtime. You will no longer need to trash or drop your items as the script will just hide them from/for you and gives them back once released. Drugs will remain accessible, make sure to properly roleplay them if you smuggle any into the jail.
  4. Took me forever to get 300 panda points, opened a box, got 99 back. The story of my life.
  5. Would love to try western law enforcement, should be fine and chaotic 😄
  6. I believe we are here to roleplay, as in play roles that are a somewhat potrayal of the real life people in realistic situations. People come here with an OOC asset mindset, make money, get cars, show off but have no valid IC reason to be doing so other than the player thinking it's cool and "end game" to own the best apartment and most expensive car. But what does this bring to the table? The server has provided players with lots of money SO they are not limited by the mostly OOC asset and gave them the opportunity to roleplay whatever they please without having to grind for that money like a mad man. Point is we need RPQM because people are shit at potraying realistic characters who have realistic backgrounds for what they do. A trucker is rich, sure, very realistic. (Not). The avarage trucker makes money sure, but has absolutely no time. I knew a trucker and he was never home, drove all day and was in bad health due to it (Sitting and driving does take a toll on the body) As far as I know, he did make money more than enough but not enough to buy sports cars and set up a mansion. He had a nice house and money to provide for his family, he owned an avarage car, and was not poor BUT not rich either. You see my other point? Why roleplay a trucker if you're not going to roleplay the realistic aspects of one. Oh wait I know why, because you did not decide to roleplay a trucker but you decided to grind money trough the trucker script and then decided to call yourself a trucker. Having an OOC mindset and applying to your character on the same basis leads to poor character development this is precicesly why we need RPQM to prevent and regulate this because honestly people don't give a shit about good character development due to the OOC mindset syndrom, This made me giggle. So he earned enough money in three months to own an expensive apartment, and two sports vehicles? While in avarage a trucker in america makes like $60,000 a year. Just imagine people around you really trying to portray their character in a realistic manner and then YOU show up with your sports cars and all, as a trucker and start interacting with them, YOU bring down the quality of roleplay in that situation because when you explain ICly that money is no issue, just do a bit of trucking for three months and you're rich because that's how you did it. It makes absolutely no sense, ICly money is an issue, ICly people do struggle and ICly a trucker does not make that much in the span of three months. It's like applying to roleplay a cop without doing a bit of reasearch as to how one acts and lives in real life. The same applies for everything you roleplay, do a bit of research and provide reaslitic roleplay which is MUCH MORE ENJOYABLE then something that brings nothing to the roleplay collective of this server. In what right mind would someone want to get rid of the thing that manages quality of roleplay on this server? I guess only someone who can't roleplay and doesn't want to be regulated so he can portray something with an OOC mindset. No thank you.
  7. Hey! Sorry to hear you're having issues, the update really messed up the RAGE client but there are fixes to it! Try to visit GTA:W discord and specifically this channel https://discord.com/channels/312217302961618946/940175701133369404 try to troubleshoot trough this and maybe this will resolve your issue?
  8. Uff if this is happening then it should be addressed, you should be given your items back once you're released.
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