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  1. I talked about this on Discord before, Nervous chimed in
  2. The issue I see with enforcing CKs after one death is that there will still be a subset of people willing/seeking to escalate a situation to murder. This might encourage people to kill even moreso than now, as their character is now at a risk of being permanently eliminated over any death.
  3. A High School in Davis could be perfectly functional with OOC restrictions against gun violence and IC disincentivization of crime. Metal detectors, security and the like to heavily discourage melee weapon use. Legal punishment and school consequences (namely, expulsion for repeat offenders) would discourage it just becoming an open center of crime for those who don't truly want to roleplay in a school environment. Media attention from school violence seems like paranoia more than anything, especially considering the amount of violence regularly occurring against minors ingame.
  4. Having these items ingame would definitely be a plus, but making them mandatory would be pretty limiting considering almost all drugs can be consumed in a variety of ways.
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