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  1. Username: Traditional Turkish Man Comment: Exactly, this whole article and the information is based on a person and you didn't do anything but paraphrase her words. Where are the concrete evidences, how did this John guy came in Turkey. Why was he there, what was the reason of him traveling all the way down to Anatolia from America(Which still doesn't make sense at all) . I am not trying to teach you how to do your job but there are some serious gaps and lack of evidences in this story. You are suppose to be a journalist, I don't see any valid research behind this story.
  2. Username: Traditional Turkish man Comment: Wow, this is some hard core bull-shit, you guys should get in-contact with George R.R. Martin and give him some ideas about his upcoming book. I'm a native Turkish person, been to many places due to my military back-ground in Anatolia and European side. You could also call me some kind of a old-traditioned guy but this whole story here got nothing to do with the traditions. These things are gone long-time ago unlike many Middle-Eastern countries Turks are actually still secular to this day. If something like this happened in a city or a village. The person would most likely get punished by the local authorities or the local people it self.Pimping your daughter is nothing but a disgrace to your family name. Let's say for the ake of the argument this whole story is /some-what/ true and he was sold to this /John/ guy. (I believe this was a arranged marriage which rarely happens in the small villages at Eastern Anatolia) The average minimum wage of a Turkish Citizen is 315,23$ for each month and the article states that this John guy owns a MANSION in fucking MEXICO. How could your average Turkish Villager could afford a MANSION in Mexico? This whole story doesn't make sense at ALL. I believe that the LSNN is getting funded by the Armenian Lobby to tarnish the image of Turks living in USA along with many other minorities. Hopefully someone will step up to end this whole bullshit soon.
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