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  1. I'm not sure I'd call any of this metagame, moreso you seeing an issue with portrayal. At the end of the day in regards to robberies legal roleplayers (who you seem to be taking issue with) are often targetted for robberies and can be robbed multiple times a week if they are unlucky. Most legal roleplayers don't want to roleplay the psychological effects of something they don't really want to happen in the first place. So in respect to their ongoing atorylines they decide against letting such a one off event bring the rest of their roleplay down. I have also seen other legal roleplayers who have decided to let constant robberied effect their character and have seen how this has led to them keeping entirely to themselves and never going out- perhaps that is why you don't see people reacting strongly ICly to robberies? In addition how would these things clash with your characters point of view in character? Just doesn't make sense to me. People in America, especially LA use phrases such as Bro/Dude no matter their gender. Do you have issues with women using phrases you percieve to be maculine? Seems pretty misogynistic.
  2. USERNAME: Switchblade Comment: Get over it you transphobic manlets, most of you would get laid out by me let alone someone getting paid to fight. Course all yall cunts are out here acting tough behind your fucking screens. Shit pretty sure Anna Smith watched me lay out a transphobe who was dumb enough to drop that sort of comment before. Get over it, not like yall misogynists would watch women fight anyway stop playing the fucking victim.
  3. Username: Switchblade Comment: The only posers here are the white nazi 'punks' acting and dressing like gangbangers 🤣
  4. Username: Switchblade Comment: Your boy Corey better fuckin' watch out
  5. Username: Switchblade Comment: Dimebag was only the beginning.
  6. Username: Switchblade Comment: Going to burn down your pussy ass houses just watch the valleys gunna be lit up brighter than the light shining off yo bald ass head foo
  7. Username:Switchblade Comment: Bitchass foos like you always piss themselves when they get fuckin' ran through sleep with one eye open in yo shitty El Burro houses.
  8. Username: Switchblade Comment: Watch your ass valleyboys yall got a real storm comin yo way.
  9. Username: Switchblade Comment: If I was there I would have torched the place, NAZI PUNKS FUCK OFF!
  10. Username: Switchblade Comment: What the fuck is this tourist poser shit? Stop dressing up and acting like you are hard shit when you whimper and cry when you break a fucking nail. While rock is commercial these days you can't 'dress up' to be a fucking rockstar. Sling back some fucking beers, snort some coke and fuck some shit up. Fucking big ass corpos are a joke, typical 'model' shit and faux 'goths' ruining the real punks and goths in this wasteland of a city.
  11. (I am not a trucker, just relaying information I have gathered from discussions with other players.) Upon discussion in the public discord it has come into my awareness that there has been a massive shortage of components for stores on the server. While everyone may be blaming mechanics and how inactive they have became after the introduction of new cars, this is not the case. Mechanics have been able to cite a lack of components. In addition to this many script businesses on the server have been completely void of components in recent times (24/7s, tattoo stores, etc.) Upon talking with both mechanics and truckers on the server I have discovered that one thing is at fault. The problem truckers have begun to face where illegal rpers will target them for robberies as they remain rather easy targets. (They have to stop to pick stock up from rather isolated areas, making them an easy target.) In recent times very few players have wanted to truck due to the job feeling grindy in the first place and this is without having to worry about being robbed. Now that there has been a plague of truckers being robbed many no longer feel like working out of fear they will be robbed. Because of this many businesses on the server just haven't been able to serve players. This has become a serious issue at present as many isolated areas have become void of RP as truckers don't want to deliver there. Therefore I propose that going forward truckers who are on shift (In work vehicles) remain 'crime free' targets for robberies in order to prevent the shortage of components businesses are facing.
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