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  1. Hope Health Group is hiring for individuals interested in a career in a clinical and community setting. In case you have questions pertaining to the recruitment process, and your questions were not already mentioned above, feel free to reach out to our Human Resources Department ((forum PM)).
  2. Hope Health Group Our Mission Hope Health Group is an organization aimed at spreading the message of Hope and Compassion. We at Hope Health Group believe that a single action can make a difference in the community, and that collective action can greatly impact the world for the better. Through advocacy and outreach activities, our team works tirelessly each day to contribute their part to the greater good. Hope Health Center; Apply Today – Save a Life Tomorrow! Hope Health Center, established in early 2020 as a private clinic, has been Hope Health Group's very first project, aimed at providing free, basic medical and mental health services to the people in need. Its main goal is to make medical and mental health care available to everyone, no matter their financial status. Located in Rancho, South Central, close to the low income areas of Los Santos, Hope Health Center spreads the message of hope and compassion, and encourages all individuals to regularly visit the clinic for both medical and mental health concerns.With a large variety of specialists working with the clinic, Hope Health Center aims at covering all fields of medicine and mental health in a professional manner. To further expand the team and help the cause, Hope Health Group is actively looking for talented individuals to join the team of Hope Health Center, in support of the concept of affordable healthcare services and free basic healthcare services for everyone in need. An Equal Opportunity Employer Hope Health Group is an equal opportunity employer. There is no, and will never be, any sort of discrimination against employees. This includes the common protected characteristics, including: Race / color National origin / ethnicity Religion Age Sex / gender / sexual orientation Medical history To the contrary: Hope Health Group encourages all people qualified for a position with any of its establishments to apply. Any discrimination among colleagues will not be tolerated either. We aim at harmonious togetherness at work, and this is reflected with the diversity and the open-mindedness of our team. Plethora of Opportunities With Hope Health Group, all employees have a plethora of opportunities to develop themselves. Because we expect a lot of quality and commitment to the project from our employees, they are rewarded appropriately. Hope Health Group divides each of its positions into three paygrades. Employees with a lot of experience and commitment will become subject to an increase in paygrade. Furthermore, at our Dental Clinic, both Dental Nurses and Dentists are eventually able to embark on management positions (shift supervisor, manager), where they can put their knowledge and experience into use when supervising a team and, potentially, manage an entire clinic. Dental Nurses can also become Head Dental Nurses, which is a leadership role for its own sector, settled right beneath Management. The Community Center also offers positions of leadership, which are not restricted to doctors, but can be aspired by all employees of Hope Health Group, if they also volunteer at the Community Center. There, they can supervise an entire team of volunteers, and eventually manage the entire Community Center. Last, but not least, human resource officers with Hope Health Group have the option to embark management positions on the human resources path. Administrator Pharmacist Clinical Psychologist Social Worker Special Services Registered Nurse Medical Doctor / Clinical Psychiatrist Application Process Hope Health Group accepts applications via email under "[email protected]". Please write a full letter of interest and include a thorough resume. You will then be reached out to by our Human Resources Department as soon as possible, and all else will be discussed individually. We look forward to receiving your application. In case of further questions, feel free to reach out via email as well, or contact us over the Hope Health Group landline: #6524544. (( In order to apply, that IC e-mail mentioned above will have to be written by you utilizing the GTA:W Forums Private Message System. Please write a PM to the "Hope Health Group" forums account in form of an IC email, utilizing the above mentioned email address as a basis to reach Hope Health Group. While your application does not have to be of the same depth as a usual application in real life, we expect a certain amount of effort, resembling the fact that we are playing on a heavy roleplay server. With your application, we also expect to see that you have given your character more than just a bit of thought, and you are aware of its story, strengths, weaknesses, education, work history, qualifications, motives and more. An invite link to our Faction Discord enclosed. If you wish to join our faction, you must join our discord as well. Anybody else is also very welcome to join it: https://discord.gg/sdzRycnXNd )) Check out our website: https://hopehealthgroup.weebly.com/ Hope Health Group - The Skill to Heal - The Hearts to Care
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