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  1. Just seen this myself, what's up with the now ten reports that are a month+ old?
  2. Thank you, Honey. I'll be breaking down pieces of your comment to ask aforementioned questions. Thanks for the quick response on this one, genuinely. We might not say it, but we thank you for being "Gotta be that person who..." and fighting against such dumb decisions aforementioned suppliers make. Now with whatever grace of power you might have within your position as head of IFM, to somehow circulate different players obtaining gun supplier, melee supplier, electronics and so on to not micromanage but to enforce with a strict hammer on supplying to circles but also for the player to make more connections and deals outside of their character's social group. With this a counter would be, it just belongs to the faction; aslong as there is a leadership within said faction, players apart of leadership (picking one of the leadership at a time) to distribute the supplier's role out to the server. Now for example, Mexican Mafia would distribute it to Sureno gangs, AB to white gangs, Black Car to black gangs. I've not really seen a lot of aforementioned roleplay circumventing the player we've mentioned above that's within the staff team with the supplier role; the player just makes a new character and continues on with having the role from what we've seen from an outside POV. Could be different but we're telling you as the players of this community, this is what we see. It shouldn't be reduced, restricted. The player should entirely be put into the bin with the rest of the players that apply when the applications are opened for the rest of the server; but again aforementioned person gets around that because they're within that position of being the supplier holder for the role. Character stories on how XYZ product is obtained should be within realism, sometimes it's not about how unique you obtain a firearm, electronic, dope or a big ass Machete. Sometimes it's as plain Jane as it comes; player gets it from X person whose connected with some big Org and suppliers Y player with them then Y supplies Z with the product. (X being NPC, Y being supplier role holder, Z being community) How long would you say the ETA on this to-do list is this in position of being modernized? Again, thank you.
  3. As ZaE said on page one; a lot of people and when we say a lot, we mean a lot. Know and understand aforementioned staff member that shall not be named, kill their character over whatever it is (either it be a woman or conflict) has kept their role as a gun supplier across numerous of their characters. Personally I'd like to see diversity and IFM stepping up to the plate of allowing other people to be given the task to supply weaponry to the server. Touching back onto the person whom's been mentioned, they supply any of their character's relationship partners with endless amounts of firearms just for some pixelated cooch. I would LOVE to see diversity given to the regular joe player that actually took their time out to develop and roleplay around firearms instead of just pop up Joe that's a day old and has a 7+ month old gun supplier role that needs to be given to somebody else; I digress. +1 for this to be taken up and put on the NEEDS TO HAPPEN ASAP NO ROCKY shelf.
  4. I'll take that into consideration when you CK Hakob, shit character
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