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  1. Had like 3 freezes within 40 seconds in Davis, then on the 3rd freeze my game swallowed a bullet and closed itself.
  2. Might aswell; it's just literally civilian/mallrat role players shitting on the illegal community. Nothing productive has come from the last 5-6 pages other than a person claiming mask usage promotes, rape, domestic terrorism and tom foolery with no role play surrounding the mask.
  3. You being dismissive to the entire topic that's being argued is where you implied it. We read it, we acknowledged it. You got a reply from it. Simple.
  4. No, we don't see what you mean. You have to go through a back ground check to get one. Even then, California (asper World's lore counterpart) has 15 round mags for ARs and the state's gun laws are really strict. If you don't know the gun laws IRL for California what makes you think that you can get a fully automatic AR15 over the counter from any gun store within America?
  5. Is that the man, the myth, the legend, GoondaKilla, AKA mister park yo stoopid ahh?
  6. Legal and illegal factions. Legal factions you have to apply for qualifications, IE an app. You don’t have to apply IRL to be 12 fucking years old. You just are.
  7. No 18 year old is going to gang bang having made it to 18 and just done hooligan shit. I’m 24 and by 16 I was in the mindset of “finish school and move on with life” no mid to late teenager is going to join a gang unless they’re already balls deep in some business they aren’t able to escape.
  8. Lol you do realize gang factions target the young to manipulate them to join their ranks? No more micromanaging for the illegal community, please. There’s already enough applications that you gotta do simply faction related.
  9. Again, if you admittedly read my response, I said case by case and sometimes being trialed as adults. Clearly you didn’t, that’s a you problem. There are some pretty heartless people in this world, there’s compilations of sentencing on YouTube of both, break downs, sinister glares, people laughing and insulting the victim’s family, etc. North America’s jail system if you’re gang affiliated. Either you get 25-L or death penalty (which is rare) for as you say 5 murders. If none of those 5 people are a cop, they typically just get life without the possibility of parole; thus they’re going to grow old and die within the system. All in all, teenagers once again are a case by case for trials. 80% of the time it’s slaps on the wrists for felony charges; IE GTA, Theft, Home Invasions, Gun Charges. Notice how Murder isn’t one of them; most times if not all, they’ll be trialed as an adult. I digress.
  10. No disrespect, but take it with a grain of salt for the follow; You aren't American (assumingly) where I'm from (Ohio) juveniles are even given less harsher punishments, unless it is a Felony and depending on their age 16-17 they're trialed as adults. Although that is a case by case basis. Across all of America, minors get slaps on the wrists because young n dumb or whatever the verdict might be. You for a fact have little room to speak on the matter of (m)inor roleplay as the community and yourself know what I'm on about. Respectfully think realistically here before replying. But like the first post (not OP) said, it's for a balance purpose really, even if we wanted to go the realistic route it would prolly take a few weeks to a month to rewrite and include all the charges for minors asper the California penal code for charging minors.
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