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  1. @Brian @root I have the epic store version so it's not a big deal for the game. I, somehow, understood that the problem is the ram, would you guys recommend me to upgrade to 10gb ram? Would that give me a better experience? An update: It tells me that it meets the recommended requirements.
  2. Hey there! In a brief, I have I5 2400 + Radeon HD 6770 + 8gb ddr3 ram so would that be enough to run GTA World on 720p normal-medium settings? I've seen multiple videos on Youtube for people running the game on low settings 1080p and they managed to reach a stable experience 30-50 fps. Here is the performance of the game from pc-builds.com. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNYFUyeRrZk - A youtube video of the performance (take into consideration that he is recording with a game recorder and he seemingly had an fps limiter). Thanks in advance!
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