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  1. Them right here is the homies, good looks ❤️ BlowBacc
  2. Email me the Price and information about the bike. (Forum pm)
  3. I see my homie here, shit this finna rock the server.
  4. Raheem Coleman Background story: Raheem grew up at his grandmother, he shared his room with his older brother Malcom. They both grew up in a small household on Lowenstein Boulevard. Raheem's up bringing was good, his father was a known drug dealer around Lowenstein, so they always wore branded clothes, and Jordans. But around Raheem's 14 birthday his father got sentence 16-to-life for a lot of things he did in the past. That changed Raheem point of view he wanted to make sure that he would make it out of Southern LS. Raheem always had a love for football. He was lucky to land the starting QB position at his high school team Present time: When Raheem hit his 15 birthday his brother got locked up for armed robbery, that left Raheem and his Grandmother with a low income. That was the first time Raheem met up with Cas, a close friend of Raheem's big brother who gave him a some drugs to sell, so they could keep up on the rent. Raheem and Cas are talking about Raheem's future as a drug deal around the hood, Cas told him that he would give him a nice steady supply. Shortly after that Raheem, meet Isabella Hill, a local teen around Lowenstein. Raheem quickly fell for her. Raheem talked with his bestfriend Omar Santana about how he should try to get with Isabella "Bella" Hill. The duo Omar and Raheem saw each other as brothers, and can often been seen around Lowenstein together. Since they known each other at preschool. Raheem and Bella are seen shopping together, Raheem will buy a 14k Tiny Cuban link chain with a "R" pendant attached to it, to Bella, to show her his love for her, and calming her as his girl. Raheem and Bella can be seen shopping. Raheem got sentence to prison for four-six months for evading, Raheem and his homeboys around the hood, would have tried to do a break-in, but the alarm went off and they had to take off, Raheem got caught in the hood a few hours after the robbery. Ties to Front Street Watts Crips: Raheem's older brother is a close friend of Jatavious Love who is a known member of the gang, they would have went to preschool, and had a tight bond from the start, so when Raheem got sentence to prison and got kicked off the football, team Peezy welcome him with open arms, as Raheem really started to gangbang, trying to make a name for himself out in the streets of LS to be continued
  5. Where the homie Raggan at ?
  6. More screens are coming ASAP, I was busy irl. But I am going to get back to posting any time soon.
  7. Blast From The Past S/O Boogie for making the post. Just re-posting here to show dev
  8. This page will showcase the life of Keenan Keys.
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