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  1. Username: LivyLove Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Comment: Love the shop, I might have every candle. They all smell amazing.
  2. *Username: Druwinn *Rating (( 1-5 stars)): 5 *Comment: Their stock is extremely extensive and their customer service is second to none!
  3. Nice two bed apartment near the beach and shops. Police station, bank nearby and off road parking. Has a great view of the beach and sunset. Pictures - https://imgur.com/a/98mLbQB OOC - https://imgur.com/a/3XlGbSC Starting Bid: $110,000 Buyout: $200,000 Bidding ends 6pm 3rd June
  4. Can you show the location on the map?
  5. I have a property for sale in the same building if anyone is interested. Got great views of the beach.
  6. Is the place available? I'm interested.
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