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  1. The story of Sully "Seer" Morgan. Early life: Born down south in Jackson, Mississippi in about 74'. Ol' man Sully "Seer", from a jobless mother and a father under the average wage, seeks to make his name shown in the world. As much as the boy, at that time, was concerned, in love with B.B. King's music back then in the tops, he was dreaming to one thing. Fame in the world of Blues. Hell..- at 14, from the little his father was bringing into the house, he got to see his first vintage bass guitar. He played the hell out of that guitar. Only his neighbours know how much he was stressing them with it. He grew up and joined the college. Ran with a barman part-time, but it wasn't enough. Poor boy Sully has the best idea in the world. "Momma, Imma gonna become rich. See my ass goin' blues". So he did . Every evening, he would grab his bass guitar out onto the town square streets, turning eyes everywhere. A somewhat deep, still a young boy's voice was bringing warm in the people's hearts. And it worked. He started to earn money. More money than his job could ever bring. As far as his life moved on, live and let live. He turns into a man..: Back in 1990, the boy was 20 something years young. He turned into a man now. The fame his bass brought him, wasn't exactly what he wished for. Rumours came to his ears about a club. What wanted to be a brotherhood, embracing the Sully's colour. A world he was totally foreigner to. But with a bit of luck and prayers to the God, the man finds his path riding onto a saddle. The saddle of a 90's Harley Davidson Road King Classic. Everything about that piece was bringing joy in Sully's heart. From the roar of its engine, to the sharpness of its handlebars. After 20 something years, he was feeling free. Nothing was bothering his mind but the road ahead of him. Wasn't long before he hears some nasty news though. One night, on his way back home, his father dropped with a few bullets in his back. All for fifteen bucks. That's how good men fall, no? Years are passing. His bike was getting dusty. He was breaking his bones for a few bucks a day, following his ol' man's path to keep his mother alive. But what you see? His ma' falls sick. She doesn't last too long before the good Lord takes her away from poor Sully. With nothing to stay for and with pain in his heart, once again, the man saddles up, but this time for good. Some money left after his mother's funeral, he had just enough to feed his bike all the way to the West. Destination? Anywhere. Where he got? Santa Barbara, right on the edge of the ocean. It was quite a new world. Different from what he grew up with. But, he was about to meet what was going to be his new family. Knowing that his colour would make it difficult to allow him join brothers on two wheels...- The key to a new life?: It is 2003. Sully is somewhere at 29 now. Mad man on two wheels, spots something he ain't seen, but heard before. Brothers of colour on two wheels. Little he knew that they were his key towards what would be known as Outcast MC. A Diamond Patch black-skinned motorcycle club, designed for those Harley lovers who would not fit in the "normal" MC society. As the years pass on, even though he wasn't fit for the Outlaw life, he was good as raising spirits. He climbs his way up into the club's chairs, riding with his brothers and telling himself "I have a family again!". He brings out a second family. He finds himself a woman and not long after, with the God's and the club's blessing, he makes her his ol' lady. They lived happily in this world for a few years but the luck, wasn't on his side. His woman, meets her faith falling in pain from cancer. She doesn't last too long and rips up the man's heart. Sully, loses one more family and as destroyed as he is, he drops in the sin of alcohol, that even Jesus told him once: "Stop drinking, you dirty bastard!". Years passed once more, and what became now an old man, got back on his feet for the last family he got left. The Outcasts. He's 48 now and with the little time he got left in his life, his path takes him over the border once more. Following his former VP and a bunch of brothers, they're brave enough to throw themselves in the cold world of Los Santos where they seek to create what is to become Outcast Motorcycle Club, the Los Santos charter. Only time can tell what is to become of them. Praise the lord! ((Finally had a good character start which I'm confident to turn into a character thread. I will be portraying his story through the life of Outcast MC. Only the time can tell how long this will last. If the club shuts down without taking his life too, he will find a way to off this thread. Enjoy))
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