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  1. “I’m not a stop along the way. I’m a destination.” [GENERAL INFORMATION]: FULL NAME: Lauren Léa Hastings NICKNAME: Laur, "L" GENDER: Female PLACE OF BIRTH: Lyon, France DATE OF BIRTH: April 18th, 1998 [APPEARANCE]: HEIGHT: 170cm WEIGHT: 62kg HAIR COLOR: Light blonde EYE COLOR: Light blue COMPLEXION: Long legs, skinny figure, cinched waist [PERSONALITY]: STRENGTHS: Persuasive, energetic, optimistic, alluring, charming WEAKNESSES: Egocentric, talkative, naive [OCCUPATION]: 24/7 employee, bartender [EX-OCCUPATION]: Beauty pageant queen [BACKSTORY]: Lauren was born in Lyon, daughter of Léa and Nicolás Hastings. Both her parents met on her abroad year at university, and ever since have been inseparable. Half Spanish and Half French, Lauren was raised to be nothing but successful in life. She had really good education growing up, as well as good attention from both of her parents. Growing up an only child, however, did affect the way she was raised in. Used to being the only child, she's always liked the good things and the pleasures in life. Lauren won't ever take a no for an answer, this becoming an issue when dealing with authorities. After graduating from high school, Lauren enrolled in the Autonomous University of Madrid to become a doctor, however, she soon realized it wasn't exactly her passion. Lauren decided to pack her bags, and move to the states looking for adventure and an alternative future for herself. Her parents disowned her after making this decision, leaving her alone in Los Santos to figure out her purpose in life.
  2. 😀 Open to all of those types of businesses! It's urgent, thanks. 😀
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