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  1. That time I killed like 5 people and got banned
  2. Bro, people like you I love because you really decided to come and rp in SC and give it a try and now you know that it’s nothing like people say it actually is, it’s literally like real life don’t wear the wrong shit you won’t get banged on, but you will probably get banged on being a teen in the hood, or being 18-25 you probably would too, but I thank you for giving SC rp a chance.
  3. WE NEED MORE CIV RP, corner opening up, more food places opening up, ETC, it would be so much fun to rp going to the store, going to get food, and many other things to increase roleplay for BOTH sides of gtaW from Legal to Illegal, the problem is people think that being robbed by a 16 year old is unrealistic and then they get to crying about how 16 year olds ride around saying “what’s up cuh where you from” which is entirely realistic, but I don’t understand why people complain about it and bash it, especially in the gtaW discord general chat I’ve seen it with my own eyes with how much they bash SC gang rp, but when gang RPers respond, they get kicked or banned from the discord for “bashing” and the people who literally log onto discord everyday to bash Gang RP get to stay inside the discord and talk as much shit as they want while some admins sit there and laugh at it encouraging it, but I just hope some Legal RPers can open their ears and stop bashing Gang RPers and role play with them and open their eyes to how beautiful gang RP can become as long as we get the help SC in general is getting the house thanks to @honey. I applaud her for her continues hard work to better SC and the Gang RP in SC.
  4. Nah man it ain’t illegal RPers fault, it’s the illegal NOOB RPers fault.
  5. I’ve said this before and I will say it again, it’s YOU mallrats who literally sit here and do stupid stuff, or don’t know how things work in real life, when in reality half of you are on the outside looking in trying to tell someone who’s from America how America works, like I was told before that shooting don’t happen outside of nightclubs from someone WHO IS NOT from America they swore up and down that shooting outside of clubs didn’t happened, even though they threatened the person and said they were going to kill him and the person still lost the report after providing substantial evidence, and I’m gonna say what no one else will say some of these admins on the admin team are bias, they will only handpick reports that includes their OOC buddy or someone who they rp with, and I’ve seen it first hand, I’ve seen people get reported for things that were totally 100% realistic and that happens on a daily bases a Mallrat reports a gang RPers for shooting them after they pulled out a Wrench on them or something (which is highly unlikely to happen in real life) but it still happened and they got shot, and reporter for it, I’ve seen all type of stupid reports from Civs on Illegal role players, if you want to be honest, half of the Civ RPers despise of gang role players and thus is why they make petty reports, I literally go to the Gta World general chat and see nothing but Civs mocking gang Roleplay, saying idiotic things that are done and said in real life but for some reason the Civ RPers know it all even though half of them are from a foreign nation, but who are we to argue with them? Because as soon as we do they will report for OOC toxicity, or we will be banned or muted from the gta world general chat in the discord, I’m just giving my honest statement on everything that I have scene, nothing is wrong with illegal roleplay, it’s something wrong with the Civs who despise illegal roleplay (Gang Rp to be exact) they will try to do everything in their power to get gang Roleplayers banned.
  6. Tried that and it got denied no reason to apply for schemes they should already be made and able for you to do.
  7. More Scamming Roleplay not talking about “I’ll sell you this gun for 40K hand me it” then taking off with the money only, I’m talking about Check cashing, Bank logs, swiping, Loans, CPN, a lot of more things.
  8. Keep going man, some of the day 1’s in here “Tell a bitch Nigga holluuuuuuuup”
  9. Bro, shut the fuck up, cops already op with cars and Kevlar HP, fuck no.
  10. All ima say is, it’s America bro, and LS is based off of Los Angela’s so knifes and shit for a supplier of an illegal faction on the street should not even be a thing, this is not the U.K or some other country where people depend on knifes, another thing, there is faction favoritism everyone on world know what factions have been favorited and what factions suffered because another faction was favorited, also the unofficial and official thing honestly, is kinda dumb in my eyes it’s smart but dumb I think if one makes a turf another faction shouldn’t be allowed to be made on ones turf because that’s just gonna bring a war instantly and there is a lot of things that the server needs to do not just for Mafia RPers, and illegal RPers away from Davis because most of the time those are the RPers who get the most love when it comes to Reports, and even from the admin team itself, like there is a lot of things in Davis Gang RPers can use if people come down there and work at stores, the mall, and many other things it would bring more Roleplay.
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