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  1. Did you know that someone takes their life every few hours in Los Santos? The amount of help provided for mental health issues in LS is simply not enough to support people in need. We at LSMHA believe that more awareness needs to be provided for the people of LS of just how important mental health is, what it affects and what downsides not looking after your mental health can bring. ABOUT US We were formed in 2021 after the tragic death of a close childhood friend who unfortunately took his life after a long and hard struggle with depression and other issues with his mental health. As a whole, it was decided that this was too far and not enough was being done nowadays to stop horrible things like this from happening again, and we had to take matters into our own hands to stop this from happening to anyone else. We aim to educate, inform and raise awareness about mental health in LS. We support local facilities such as therapists and psychologists that offer assistance and care to people with issues, along with creating top tier resources to educate people on mental health and what not looking after it can lead to. Another thing we do is help support survivors of mental health issue by giving them an online platform to spread their story and get their struggles known, both anonymously and non-anonymously. If you have a story you want to be heard, you may contact us through our email and we will get back to you about it. A lot of the work we do is online and digital. This is because we understand that the rise of social media has brought us a lot of good in the form of being able to keep in communication with people we might have lost touch with over the years, it has also created an unprecedented wave of issues about self-image which has burdened many mental health professionals over the past decade. Many people rely on online contact now because of these self-image issues, so the best way for them to find out that there is a way forward is also online. HOW YOU CAN HELP US Helping us is simple. You can share our website around to friends, family and co-workers, spreading the message. You can also donate to us, your donation will go to help make our message, our views and our aims more widespread. Your cash will not go to waste as every cent matters in this important war against mental health issues and the detrimental impact it has on our modern society. Online donation is easy, as we offer donations through all major banks and online payment schemes. If you wish to get in touch with us, you may contact us through email at [email protected] ((FORUM PM)) CONTACT US DONATE (( OOC DONATION INFORMATION))
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