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  1. is dis suppose to be a street gang or another goodfellas remake. idk man.
  2. uu wasnt on no eyewitness. dis was planned n executed accordingly.
  3. inserts Armenian Power meme xD
  4. TGhank you vretry uch. I work hard and stgrogn everyday for hye maf
  5. Dey let a real nigguh free in dem streetz of Los Santoz nigguh. I will maek surwe dis faction get 100 pages n if i odnt i blame no one but mylsef. but i wish big suscces for us as i am co leader? 💪
  6. Where yo ss. I miss da hye life from you
  7. I can't wait to join and be apart such a great faction filled with success and beauty. Taqbir.
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