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  1. This thread follows the life of Veronica "Ronnie" Maier. More coming soon... xx No views or opinions depicted in screenshots reflect my own xx
  2. MOTORCYCLE CLUB RP: Female Roles Around an MC This is a brief guide to role playing as a female around a motorcycle club (MC) based on information gathered from articles online, autobiographies, and documentaries. There is a vast amount of information out there, some of which even contradicts itself, so this information should not be taken as 100% fact and should just be taken as a general compilation of information from various sources, interpreted by myself to make the most sense. At the end of the day, female’s roles in MCs will vary club to club and it’s ultimately up to you to decide which type of female character you want to portray. That being said, it is important to keep in mind that MC’s are heavily male dominated (and some may even argue, a little sexist) and as a female you will never be a member, HOWEVER you can still be treated with as much respect as one. What is property? Being called property by an MC may sound like a derogatory term to someone outside of biker culture, however amongst MC culture, it’s a badge of honor and a heavily respected role. It is a common misconception that being called property means you are owned by the entirety of the club and your purpose is to ‘service’ them, however this is not true. When an MC member asks a female to wear his property patch, it’s akin to declaring to the entire club (and even outsiders) that that female is his woman and/or that they’re in a serious relationship and that she is under his protection as well as the clubs’. In addition, the property patch serves as a warning to others that the female is taken and should be treated with respect and not hit on (by other members) or disrespected. Other terms used for property is Ol’ Lady or Old Lady, WAGs which stands for Wives and Girlfriends (again these terms very club to club, member to member). What property is not: Property is not a female that is free for any member of the club to use for his own pleasure. There are different terms for the women willing to sleep with any/all members. Property are NOT members. Yes, wearing a property patch is a big deal and you are part of the clubs ‘family’ but you are not equal to a member. Members can only be male. So do not expect to be included in club meetings (church) or brought along to dangerous situations - if the club genuinely cares about your well being, you’ll likely be told to go home and sit tight. Sweetbutt’s roles in an MC Sweetbutts are women who hang out around the club and will hook up with any/all members. Sometimes their goal is to become property however, it is somewhat unlikely to achieve getting a property patch after sleeping with multiple members of the club...yes, there’s a bit of a double standard here - the male members get praised for sleeping around but women are looked down on for it. That being said, most of the time sweetbutts do not end up being property due to the implications of her having been with more than one member, for example, an off handed remark could be said by one of her past lovers and cause a riff between members. That is not to say a sweetbutt can never become property, however, it is a more challenging thing to achieve if you go this route. Depending on the club and/or member, these types of women may be referred to as: sweetbutts, pass arounds, turn outs, patch bunnies, bike hoppers, patch whore, club bunny, lay, club slut (this is not a full list, there’s tons of terms that mean the same thing as these). House Mouse’ role in an MC A house mouse is typically a younger female who will live with a member for free in exchange for cleaning and keeping up his house. Sometimes these girls are underage runaways, other times they’re similar to sweetbutts who just need a place to stay. The relationship between a house mouse and a member can be completely platonic or it can have a sexual aspect to it. Sometimes a house mouse might live with an Old Lady and her man, and she will help around their household doing chores and such. These types of females are typically respected and protected by the club. Citizen Wives' role in an MC There really isn’t a role for them in the club. These types are typically kept away (or voluntarily stay away) from all club business, events, and members. They do not get involved with their man’s club life at all. These types often just live at home and raise the family, and/or work a normal legal job. Do’s and Don’ts of being a female around an MC: Do support the club: wear supporter gear, go to events, make/bring food and drinks, socialize with other members and females (old ladies or even pass arounds) Do bond with the other old ladies and be open to learning the ropes from the ones who’ve been around longest. Do go to club events and on rides with your man. Do offer to plan events and/or help around the club house (cleaning, or restocking the bar etc). Do get to know your man’s brothers (other members of the club) but in an appropriate manner. Do show respect to members. They are your man’s brothers, the ones looking out for both him and you, being on their good side is beneficial to everyone. Do know your place in the club. As property you are not a member and you may not be included in the inner workings / goings on of the club and you should not try to force your way into knowing about such things. Do have your man’s back in sticky situations. For example, one time the cops came to a club business and began frisking members; my character’s old man was carrying an illegal handgun and he slipped it to her to hide. She would have gladly taken the fall for him if it came down to it, in order to protect him and the club from coming under further heat. Adding onto this - club businesses are sometimes transferred to member’s Properties in the event that they or the club ends up getting arrested/imprisoned - having the business in a non-member’s name keeps the asset from being seized and shut down. Don’t cause scenes: ie drama with other females (unless you’re intentionally doing it for RP sake, but be aware of the repercussions - being cast out / asked to stay away from future club events / gatherings or even being dumped by your man.) Don’t disrespect members. Ever. No matter how angry one makes you. Bite your tongue. This also includes - pulling weapons or hitting a member. Don’t do it. If you do, you’re risking your own life as it’s seen not only as disrespectful towards that member but to the club overall. Don’t disrespect your man in front of his brothers. If he tells you to do something in front of them (within reason), you should listen to him out of respect. If you have a problem that’s between you and your man, save it for when you’re home. You don’t need to emasculate him in front of his club - it looks bad on both of you and could lead to you losing respect and favor of other members. Don’t disrespect the patch / cut / vest / colors. Do not get your make up on it, do not spit or step on it in anger, do not desecrate it or damage it in any way. In some cases your man may not even want you touching it - for example if it’s sitting on a chair or something, he may want you to ask him to move it. This varies club to club and member to member - some guys may be cool with you touching it, others may be strict about it. When in doubt, ask your man. Don’t talk to those outside of the club about the club. This includes your friends, your family, strangers, cops, reporters, anyone. Anyone who is not in the club (or part of the family, ie other properties) does not need to know anything about the club, and if they want to know, you should direct them to ask your man. Don’t repeat anything your man has told you in private about the club. It’s not uncommon for a member to disclose some insider info to his old lady. He is not technically supposed to do that, because she is not a member, however sometimes men find solace in venting to their woman. Anything he says should stay between you and him. Even if other members of the club mention the thing you heard or ask you directly if he’s told you anything, you should keep it to yourself. Don’t ask about, snoop on, or get involved in ‘club business’. This means if, as mentioned above, you have knowledge about something going on in the club amongst members, you should not go out of your way to get involved / stick your nose into it. That is not to say you can’t be brought in to assist with something though, but you should wait for a member to ask/invite you to do so. Don’t give your man an ultimatum of “me or the club”. Most likely, he will go with the club. This one is more of an opinion but, consider the risks of wearing your property cut when you’re not around your man. You may not know who is an enemy to the club or your man and if you’re seen with his name on your back or the club’s name/logo, you could be making yourself a target. Ultimately it’s up to you when/where you want to wear it, but consider the risks beforehand and be prepared to handle them accordingly. So You Want to Become Property? Here’s How to Start: Obviously to start this, you’ll need to get to know members of a club. They can be tricky to find, but one sure fire way to probably find some members is to look for a line up of bikes parked outside of a business. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself and ask what club they’re with - assuming they have a cut on (vest, colors, etc. many names for this as well). Once you get to know them better, ask about supporter gear - a lot of clubs sell t-shirts or hoodies that say “Support Your Local [Club Name]” or simply “SYL_” the last letter being the first letter of the club name. This shows your interest in the club and I’m sure whichever member you’re seeing will appreciate your support of that aspect of his life! Another way to meet members is to look for businesses they may own. A lot of clubs own bars, strip clubs, garages, and gyms (not limited to these but these are the common ones). Most likely a few members will be hanging out at, or even operating these businesses. A third way to meet members is to watch for ads on social media (facebrowser) advertising club rides or events that they are hosting and then attend those events! Some things to be careful of when you’re going for a property patch are: Does the member you’re getting to know even want property? Or to date someone seriously? Or are they looking for a quick hook up? If it’s the latter option, you will likely not be considered as a potential for being property, and if his brothers find out he hooked up with you, they may not be interested in seeing you seriously either. With some clubs/members the simple act of riding on a member's bike with him can be viewed as a sign of you seeing that member. It may be in your best interest to NOT ride with a member until you’re sure they’re the one for you. Otherwise, if things don’t pan out and you now start riding with another member, you may be viewed as a “bike hopper” which as stated above can be a type of sweetbutt. Try to avoid dating members from different clubs at the same time. Some clubs may not get along with each other and if one or the other finds out you’ve been seen with the opposing club, you may be burned with that club or even both. How to get a property patch? Really there’s not much you can do besides support the member of the club you’re dating, get to know the other members, show you’re serious and trustworthy, and follow the rules above. Ultimately it will be up to your man and the club to decide if you are worthy of wearing a property patch. Typically the process is something like: you date the member for awhile, he may or may not ask if you’d wear his ‘property of’ patch, he brings it up in church/a club meeting (this varies club to club, sometimes there is a vote, sometimes there isn’t) and they vote whether you deserve to rock the property patch or not, if the vote passes you’ll be presented with the ‘property of’ vest, if the vote doesn’t pass you may just need more time proving yourself to the club or getting to know members and showing them you’re a good fit to bring into the family. A note on DRESSING properly while riding a motorcycle: I've seen it a ton (and been guilty of doing it myself), where females around clubs will wear dresses, heels, short shorts, skirts, etc. while riding with a member. This is somewhat unrealistic and would also be very dangerous if it were IRL. If you're wearing a skirt/dress, it's very difficult to straddle a motorcycle & ride behind someone - your dress or skirt will ride up and possibly show whatever you have on underneath for anyone/everyone on the road to see. Wearing shorts poses danger because if you were to get in an accident, or your man accidentally lays out his bike, you're going to burn the absolutely hell out of your legs (also known as road rash - google it if you don't understand the severity of this). Additionally, while wearing shorts you can also get burnt by various parts of the bike if you were to accidentally brush against them (the exhaust pipe for example). Proper footwear is also very important - heels and flip flops are not very secure footwear and you risk losing one in the midst of riding. I'd recommend going with sneakers or boots. Another thing to consider is the time of year - is it summer and very hot or is it fall/winter and cold? Riding on a motorcycle you get a lot of air so during colder seasons, it will feel even colder due to the air rushing by you and you'll likely want to be bundled up from head to toe (leather jacket, gloves, face covering/helmet, long thick pants, boots). In conclusion - be aware of the risks certain clothing items have and make those choices with intention! Now, let's talk hair... I know we all love our hair looking pretty and styled nice, but the amount of wind you get while riding a motorcycle will mess up your hair. Your best bet is to tie your hair back for the ride and then let it down afterwards to prevent some nasty tangles! TIP: /hairtie braids works best with a helmet! Sources and further reading material: Biker Chick Definitions according to Biker Trash Network (Some of these I don’t personally entirely agree with) Just a nice little blurb from a biker about Property Rules Bikers make their WAGS follow (again some of these I don’t personally agree with, and again it'll vary from club/member, but there are a few good ones here!) In depth essay about the various roles of women around MC's Hope this guide was helpful and if there's any further questions, feel free to comment and I'll do my best to answer them! Have fun biker babes 💜
  3. If I’m portraying a character who commits petty theft (stealing items of low value) and I want to RP stealing 1-2 items from an open business (such as a 24/7, make up store, bookstore, etc) does that require admin supervision? The character wouldn’t do it armed or anything, they literally just pocket an item and walk out. Obviously the RP would be a little more in depth than that, but it feels silly to call an admin to supervise stealing something as trivial as a chocolate bar for example.
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  5. SYL124 Best MC on the server 💜
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