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  1. You are the practically the king of the Port of Los Santos. As far as I'm concerned, your word is law. I think allowing crimes across the entire area of the port is a better option than what we currently have, though I don't see why the IMEX lot should get special protections compared to other logistics companies based on at the port.
  2. What? When has it ever happened that a faction has been shut down in its entirity only for it to pop back up a few moments later with no backing from the people wanting to continue the faction? As someone who has partaken in transitions of faction leadership, nothing of what you're writing seems to resonate all that well with me. Perhaps it might be that I'm only paying attention to my own little bubble of street gang RP but I'm pretty sure it would be a well-known thing if factions were popping in and out of existance with different leadership nobody has ever heard about. If a faction gets shut down with most of its members leaving it, how is it able to retain its resources when characters holding those resources for the faction head out the door?
  3. This isn't just a bad robbery... this is bad roleplay and should've been hit with a report and not a 911 call. The guy is in a cab trying to PIT manuever a truck...
  4. I believe that CCW permits should be reserved for high-profile individuals who are likely to be specifically targeted for an attack. As a trucker, you are not specifically targeted more - you're not special from any other truckers. If you are the CEO of a logistics company who has been an established critic of organized crime in the city of Los Santos, and you've received specific threats to your life - well, then you should be eligible. Having a CCW permit is special, and your characters needs to be specifically targeted for violence. Your character doesn't seem to be specifically targeted from what I can grasp of your story, just generally targeted and that doesn't make you eligible. While many truckers might have guns in real life, I'm certain most truckers doing short hauls in Los Angeles don't. The same should apply for Los Santos, no matter how riddled with crime it is. I've been (and I am, right now) a legal roleplayer myself but neither of my legal characters have been targeted and I have roughly 180 hours walking and driving around without having a single violent crime committed by or against me. My most recent character is a mechanic mostly focused on towing & recovery in South Los Santos and whenever I've interacted with the gangbanging minors people love to hate, I've always has a positive experience at least OOCly.
  5. Shooting someone while at gunpoint ICly because of the limitations imposed by us by this being set place in a game, such as having to lower your gun to type OOCly should be met with incredibly harsh administrative action IN ADDITION TO in character consequences. Pulling a gun and shooting your robber because he is typing his next IC action OOC is metagaming, powergaming and an atrocious lack of common courtesy typical of a pay to win mentality. That's a lot of rules broken.
  6. What would a person in real life do? Apply for a loan, open it up as part of a franchise agreement or lease the building. Owning the business outright might not be correct for your character's path right now, but managing one as part of a franchise agreement could be.
  7. FIrst of all I'd just like to commend you for asking for suggestions - you're looking to improve! Being open-minded and developing is an excellent mindset to create engaging characters and engaging stories. Personally I like to start crime-oriented characters on why they turned to a life of crime in the first place. Most people don't have a lifestyle revolving around crime, even "full-time criminals" spend most of their time as reasonably law-abiding citizens. Some people turn to crime to afford expensive habits, such as a heavy drug habit or a gambling addiction. Buying drugs from dealers in Chamberlain or Davis opens up IC relationships both for business and pleasure. Getting into gambling debt with some Triad loanshark is another interesting storyline, but it's all up to you. Having a job is fine and a lot of OMGs even promote their members to have one. Personally I'd choose something more static than being a trucker though, as that'll allow you to stay at one place where your IC contacts know where to find you. Personally, I find it gives me more time to roleplay as opposed to just ordinarily playing GTA.
  8. Most people make minor characters because most street gangs recruit very young people. It's not uncommon for a bulk of a street gang's members being younger than 16. The harsh reality is that most people above the age of majority are either dead or in prison. If anything I'd like more minor characters, given that they are portrayed accurately. Most people living in gang-infested neighborhoods don't want to join a gang - that's a lot easier to avoid if you're 18-19 and working a job compared to being 12 and living in a cramped apartment with 7 siblings and spending most of your freetime roaming the streets.
  9. Your bid has won the auction. Please send me an e-mail to arrange the transfer of the property. ((forum PM))
  10. Your bid of $100'000 has been received. The sale will be finalized after the end of the auction if no other, higher bids are presented.
  11. Old rental property for sale in the reputable Chamberlain Hills neighborhood of South Central LS. The apartment was renovated in 2008, with dividing walls giving the main bedroom a distinct feeling away from the main living room. All kitchen appliances etc from the previous tenant will be included in the sale. For the last couple of years, the apartment has been rented out with subsidies through section 8 of the 1937 Housing Act. The apartment has a lot of potential for investors looking to continue doing so, but the property doesn't come with any already contracted tenants and is ready for refurbishment or whatever else you might have planned for the property. Please contact me at [email protected] ((forum PM))) if you have any questions or you want a small tour of the property. Bids open at $50 000, buy-out set at $180 000 with the auction ending at September 17th, 14:00 ((servertime)). ((OOC information in the spoiler, including some pictures of the interior. It is mapped to look like a run-down apartment with nobody permanently residing within it. )) The propriator and seller of the property reserves the right to withdraw the sale at any point prior to the end of the auction ending.
  12. I would personally suggest setting up an IFM scheme request to import counterfeit "premium champagne" that in reality is just off-brand sparking wine with a nice label. Everything you need to know about getting the items for this scriptly can be found in this thread in the faction forums:
  13. I would like to have this as an option alongside the regular taxi job, both of them being able to answer /taxi calls. It would be good for characters who are gangbangers or similar low-level criminals struggling to get a legitimate income for things like housing.
  14. shaqr

    CCW Rework

    I will give the perspective of someone who mostly plays on the illegal side of roleplay on this server: If criminals are robbing people to get guns, the issue is clearly that there is a lack of more realistic supply routes. Guns stolen from legitimate owners of firearms make up a very small minority of guns used in crime in the United States. I believe IFM is going to address this, following their findings in the most recent wide-scale IFM survey.
  15. I was doing some RP with trailers on July 24th, where an admin spawned 5 trailers. The desync was fine when it was just a small group of people roleplaying around it, but I don't think trailers are ready for "wide scale distribution".
  16. It is because of desync with trailers on RageMP I believe. That is at least the impression I got from using trailers on the server - a heap of desync.
  17. New thread, old character. I'm looking forward to see screens and more stories posted in the thread.
  18. As someone roleplaying on the violent illegal side of the server, I believe there needs to be OOC measures to make sure there are IC consequences to characters who have several murders under their belt. It doesn't make sense that you can get away with 10-20 murders as a reckless gangbanger but I see it all the time both in my own faction and others. NPCed witnesses? I'm just saying it should be considered when a gangland shooting occurs at a strip mall full of CCTV monitoring. This isn't the 1980s.
  19. Thanks for the summary on what has been done to the server and what's coming next. Congratulations to everyone joining the team and those getting bumped up - always glad to see people I've had handle reports being given more responsibility and power to do good for the community.
  20. I think it is fine to run out of immediate danger. If you continue running for several minutes, I'd say it's powergaming. Roleplay needs to have a bit of nuance when it interacts with the game engine we're using as our platform.
  21. shaqr

    Speed Bumps

    Anything to make people drive slower. I drive around at 30-40mph most of the time and people say I drive like a granny.
  22. If you're incapable of writing out a long emote when the situations calls for it, I would say you're a bad roleplayer. "Reading the room" is really the thing here. Don't go into a scene as a third party, where your character is barely welcome, trying to write a novel. However, if you're replying to a straight-forward question with a "/me shrugs", it's not any worse than "/me rolls his shoulders into a shrug". Most people know what it means to shrug, chuckle or smirk.
  23. The one time my gangbanger character was pulled over, the police called in several back-up units - even though me or none of my two passengers had any prior arrests. IC racism, maybe? My character is a longeshoreman as far as anyone is concerned. I ran a red light. Come on. The police didn't take it any further, as another call came in.
  24. The largest improvement in club roleplay I've seen is the Vanilla Unicorn. It's not open a lot, usually only in weekends - but the management team makes sure it gets filled up with plenty of freebies before they start charging entrance fees. It's a small interior, so you're going to have to squeeze your way back and forth through the dance floor, leading to interesting roleplay. Even though it's a strip club in many aspects, people go there to party and it's a big event IC everytime it's open and people head over. Big props to the people that run it.
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