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  1. The one time my gangbanger character was pulled over, the police called in several back-up units - even though me or none of my two passengers had any prior arrests. IC racism, maybe? My character is a longeshoreman as far as anyone is concerned. I ran a red light. Come on. The police didn't take it any further, as another call came in.
  2. The largest improvement in club roleplay I've seen is the Vanilla Unicorn. It's not open a lot, usually only in weekends - but the management team makes sure it gets filled up with plenty of freebies before they start charging entrance fees. It's a small interior, so you're going to have to squeeze your way back and forth through the dance floor, leading to interesting roleplay. Even though it's a strip club in many aspects, people go there to party and it's a big event IC everytime it's open and people head over. Big props to the people that run it.
  3. Congratulations! I will contact you shortly to finalize the terms of taking over the property. Please send me an e-mail ((forum PM)) of when you are available.
  4. Lovely apartment for sale in the reputable Chamberlain Hills neighbourhood in South Central LS. Newly renovated apartment with a bedroom seperated from the main living space. Modern kitchen solution with excellent access to the rest of the apartment. Furniture such as a safe can be included with a small addition in the price - other furniture is included. The apartment is outfitted with a Tenshun-brand alarm. Please see the link for more pictures. The apartment has a lot of potential for any investors looking to rent out the property through section 8 of the 1937 Housing Act. Pl
  5. I'm new to the server and I've not had issues finding the properties I need. Properties I want is something else, but I've managed to get my hands on that as well. I use my properties a lot, with both their interiors and the exterior furnishing as well. Nobody needs to have a house with a garden to throw a garden party - and if you want to have a garden party, you better find a friend with a house - or use one of the publicly available spaces in Los Santos.
  6. My character is trying to be an honest-to-god drug dealer and not much else. I'm a poor drug-dealing corner boy, but the amount of expensive SUVs that pull up and try to score a brick of pure cocaine from a teenage crack dealer is frankly ridiculous. I sell the drugs at very little profit, and sometimes I take a loss just so that I can build up a bit of a reputation for the corner I sell my drugs at. I'd love to see some dealer/addicts out there, or just plain simple addicts trying to run around and score hits. But it's very boring being an addict character when there's not a lot of people
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