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  1. Short description: Have a proper detailed system about each in-game character's background. Detailed description: Character backgrounds are crucial. They are required everywhere, be it a legal business or a crime organization. But, the current script of the server has no concept of such thing. Though there is a criminal background that is recorded, there is nothing that tells about a character; their past, their family, their origin, if their family member is a criminal, if they were a criminal in their past country before they moved to US. All you have is their nametag and who they say they are, which can be PG'ed. My suggestion is, when a person is making a new character, their required to fill a form, where they have to write a short background story about their character's life, and other things such as their origin, birthplace, aliases, family members (whether they exist as other characters on the server or not), and everything. This will help legal companies, crime organizations and also significantly help in the persecution of a character, with the implementation of the new legal court system. Commands to add: none? Items to add: none. How would your suggestion improve the server? As mentioned above, this will help significantly in hiring processes of legal and illegal businesses as well as persecution of characters. This will also bring in the work of Private Investigators, who would be able to check certain character's history and background. Additional information: N/A
  2. That would require a large number of people willing to do the (maybe) boring work. A better way would be to have a forum-based banking system where, when you need to deposit a large amount of cash, need to go through an application-based procedure. And to prevent players from abusing the system by doing many short-amount transactions, the maximum amount you can deposit at once should be made $10,000 and each time you make a transaction, 5% of the total amount should be deducted, and after every transaction, there should be a wait time for at least 5 minutes before you can make another. And I don't know why people oppose this, but all the money a person has on him should be made robbable. This will force players to store their money in banks and properties instead of carrying them around in town with no fear.
  3. I don't know, maybe they are not, but from what I have searched, Sadler is based on Ford F250, a heavy duty pickup truck with main purpose as trucking and so is Bison, as you can see it's Mighty Bush having wood planks loaded to it's extended roof rack and McGill-Olsan variants portrayed as cargo utility trucks. As items such as woods, concrete, construction items etc are more preferably carried on pickup trucks by truckers. I don't see a why not to this, especially when burrito is holding a place there, at least one truck should be added. I was planning to RP a moderate trucker with a small truck which would serve as his both everyday use and work, just like a large number of Americans but I think that type of roleplay is maybe impossible right now.
  4. Did I mention Kamacho? I'm talking about Sadler and Bison mainly, these trucks aren't that fast and are way more realistic than a burrito for trucking.
  5. Totally support it. You have to wait 24 hours for each $10,000 transaction. If you want to transfer a lot of amount at once, you have to request it either on forums or CP, once accepted, you can carry on with your transaction. This will also put more realism as most of the legal deals happen through bank. But, this idea will only come more handy when the rule for what-you-have-in-your-pocket-you-have-it is implemented which allows all of the cash you are carrying to be robbed. Most people argue with this idea that people will chain robberies but that how it is in real life. If you keep your money in the bank and only carry with you what you need, your cash will be safe and no one will chain robberies when they won't be getting what they expect.
  6. Short description: Add Pickup Trucks such as Sadler, Bison, Picador and Yosemite. Detailed description: Pickup trucks are widely used for trucking in America. Most independent truckers prefer pickup trucks over vans, as they are usually bigger in size, cheaper, more powerful and easy to load and unload. This makes them a lot more common than vans. GTA V offers a wide variety of pickups from next heavy duty ones such as Sadler and Bison to older models based Picador and Yosemite. Still, it's disappointing to see not a single pickup truck usable in the current trucking system. It'd be great if you add some. Commands to add: N/A Items to add: Preferably, Yosemite, Bison, Sadler XL, Picador but other ones would also work. How would your suggestion improve the server? More RP opportunities, more carrying capacity, more realistic as compared to vans, among many other reasons. Additional information: In the US, about 270 pickup trucks are sold every hour, 6,500 per day.
  7. Ayy dawg, imma smack shit outta ya, ya hear me? Looks good, good luck!
  8. You know why pawnshops can't work on the server? The hourly pay is so much. All the small hourly expenses combined hardly make 2K or something, so the players spend freely because they know they won't run out of money, and the money keeps stacking up and when they've got their 200K after 40 hours, they start dealing cars and shit and the money keeps increasing instead of decreasing. In the end, they are financially stable, no matter how poor do they rp. Pawn shops are for desperate people in real need of money. If there are no poor guys, who's gonna trade their stolen stuff for some loan? And if nobody wants money the right way from the pawn shop, they're gonna rob them for fun.
  9. So, I was chatting with users on general chat, nothing at all that could be harmful to anyone, and all of a sudden, I am out of the server. I went to forums to get myself back in and I got this error. If I have been banned, what's the reason? Why was there no message or anything?
  10. Well, according the law, any type of blade which is longer than 3" is illegal to be carried around or kept in a vehicle, sold or purchased or transfered in LA on which LS is based upon. This includes machetes, switchblades, knives etc. It is also illegal to carry a knife in plain view be it of less than 3 inches, so how are you gonna hide a machete anyways?
  11. Like: Everything. Dislike: People who work at bars and deal cars until they get the 200K from 5k paychecks, then buy their own nightclub or bar and print cash until they are able to buy the most expensive cars and then decide to dedicate their lives standing at a parking lot around Mirror Park with their cars. Or, Mirror park rats.
  12. How about any bottle that you buy is able to be broken and can be used, this was a question in my mind for a long time but this will lead to one thing - everyone having a broken bottle in their hands the whole time. For this, I think we should use a system like we had on LSRP, where you weren't able to hide some weapons such as bats, unless you had a bag on you, otherwise they'd stay in your hands. Whaddya say?
  13. Short description: Add more melee weapons to the server that can be crafted by metallurgists. Detailed description: GTA V offers eighteen different melee weapons but during my time on the server, I've gotten across only two types of these, Switchblades and Baseball bats. Here's the list of all the melee weapons found in the game: Antique Cavalry Dagger Baseball Bat Battle Axe Broken Bottle Crowbar Flashlight Golf Club Hammer Hatchet Knife Knuckledusters Machete Nightstick Pipe Wrench Pool Cue Stone Hatchet Switchblade Now, from this list, except the Dagger, Battle Axe (I'm not sure about this one), Nightstick and Stone Hatchet, none of the weapons are of such type that can't be crafted by a metallurgist or bought at hardware or superstores and neither are they "hard" to acquire in real life. So, I suggest that the list of weapons should be updated and all of these weapons should be added to the game, which will result in more RP opportunities, better look for your RP and many more plus points. Commands to add: - Items to add: Baseball Bat, Broken Bottle, Crowbar, Flashlight, Golf Club, Hammer, Hatchet, Knife, Knuckledusters, Machete, Pipe Wrench, Pool Cue, Switchblade How would your suggestion improve the server? Many RP opportunities for coroners, criminals, police, and metallurgists. Additional information: -
  14. As the title says, I was thinking that there should be a separate section where you would be able to post a thread to find roleplayers you need in your story. For example, someone needs an IC son to RP with and there's another guy who wants to RP with an IC father, but these two are not able to find each other in-game or on discord, so a section on forums where one would be able to post a thread such as, "Looking for IC Father" and put in the details and stuff, so that you may be able to find your dream character. Similarly, this feature can be used by those looking to start a faction or a business etc. It's a quite simple suggestion and much easier to put in and can help a lot of people around the server.
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