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  1. That is so true. I liked the suggestion proposed some time ago about CDL licensing and how to overhaul the grind system but sadly that was in lost time.
  2. That helps me. Thanks but ever since eac was implemented my cpu caps even when the temperature is around 60 to 70 Celsius degrees.
  3. I agree to half your suggestions. I think the hourly paychecks should a bonus and linked to the /startshipment system just like /startshift. Rp accordingly . Sadly i am not at home there i cannot type a lot. Please note you said about companies paying gets on the top yes that is the case sometimes but not all. Because yesterday i had a client i went to serve there order was hard to find. This is because the UI has to be overhauled and filters is needed. Encouraging more people to be independent will cause issues in regards drop outs from companies. I am okay for independent truckers the problem is you will get maniacs on the roads. Most truckers in companies are self regulated and even enforced by ports to keep them in line in regards to driving. Third i agreee that the license system it should be overhauled. I think we should have a CDL license system in place that encourages rp than just to get 600 deliveries for a pounder to be unlocked. Fourth i think we should double the crates carry on both pounder and benson. Pounder 40 crates and Benson 30 crates. Because it is ridiculous that i have to deliver for an hour just so I can delivery 200 crates to a business. 400 crates is better as trucking convoys can easily cover it. Please note your semi only and van only is little bit confusing. Please note some business are impossible to deliver crates via pounders. Because the placement is impossible to drive or park. Already pounder drivers have avoided certain businesses due to this reason so placing this restriction is a bit confusing for me unless it is to alert new drivers. Unless you are talking about semi trucks which still script wise it cannot truck yet. The rest sounds good to me. I will have another look at this when i get home.
  4. We are active it is just that we have some problems with a lot of issues I will will list below: - We are getting attack on a constant basis. Started to truck two days with my IC Friend then after the 7th or 9th delivery we were almost robbed but thank goodness we got away. - Still robberies is a problem on some routes. - Bad Drivers. A lot of new truckers are very impatient and are not here to RP. Example some businesses have difficult unloading areas hence there is no space for more than two trucks and then the impatient truckers either ram our trucks or start IC drama while the person is unloading. - Burnouts due to driving the same truck over and over again why dont we get trailers or at least increase crate storage. because each Pounder holds 20 crates but why not more. I have timed my deliveries for some routes it takes 10 drops off every hour. Which is 200 crates. Hence it is not feasible for some business to be filled like Auto Shops that consumes a lot of crates. - Some Business owners don't put up orders. There is a phone shop in Little Seoul that doesn't have any components because either it is not owned or the business owner hasn't ordered any hence it doesn't show up in our system when trucking. -Interface problems- It is hard to find certain orders for an example our convoy had problems because while we are delivering the goods some truckers couldn't find the correct order as there is no search options or filters on the truck system. -Burnouts in the lower ranks due being limited to drive a Speedo, Boxvill and Mules for long time before unlocking the Bensons and Pounders - What I mean is it takes forever to get a Pounder. Most start with the speedos then it goes up. It takes 500 deliveries to unlock a Pounder. For me it took like around 3 to 4 months. But that is because I took a month break from playing. For some around a month or two. - Trolling and other random BS on the roads. - I don't like to put this here but it is true there is no appreciation from the community. ( Same Issue in RL and in IC funny enough). - Most truckers have their favorite routes. I have heard a lot of truckers have their picks. Due to a multiple of reasons not only due to the shortest route. Some pick due to good parking or unloading area. Some pick due to belief certain areas have less crime rates and some pick because it is close to the Highway.
  5. I will list a bunch of my experiences during the last Five months and why it is best to keep the new rule as it is. 1.) Every time I log in I have to see masked men coming around the area scouting for robberies and the port area trespassing around with no reason. Doing laps around the area . So many times our convoys were delayed or out right cancelled because of this. 2.) Poor Robbery roleplays within the general goods loading area which is in elysian island where the proposed changed occurs. Another one happened recently two weeks ago before the robbery rules implemented. 3.) Attacks towards truckers around Buccaneer way road this has happened so many times with no reason at all. Poor escalation. I counted it around ten times this happened at the dead of night around 2 am with no ports present. 4.) Attacks that occurs between the hours of 1 am to 6 am. So many times ports were called but no answer as most of them are off duty. No issue on that but in the end it is the truckers that suffer. 5.) Cars following truckers from the port area in a suspicious manner or hitting trucks for no reason at all. 6.) Trespassers on to IMEX lot. I have seen this happens some many times it is not funny anymore. Doing laps around the area. It is funny to see this suggestion presented yet barriers are being placed at the gate and near the bridge showcasing the jurisdiction of the ports but yet wants to reduce the Restricted Crime Zone. The above were only the few I can remember relating to the topic at hand but this is the main reason why there is a high turn over of people doing trucking because of the constant amount of violence towards them or poor rpers attacking them or robbing them. I have seen this happen so many times every time I log in, To the point it is not funny any more and becomes borderline frustrating. The thing is, it is fair that the ports about cannot respond to calls all the time as they are not robots but it is not fun to be victim of crime every single time or hear calls like that on a daily basis . There was a trucker that was attacked by the same suspect so many times near Buccaneer way but the ports couldn't respond due to it being very late in the evening. Fortunately the company security team were able to drive off the suspect. That same suspect attacked an HR member and was caught but sadly it was voided because he claims it was lag which I do not believe. I read the posts and quite frankly I am baffled by the indifference shown here and I am also confused. Please note during late nights or early morning very few law enforcement officers are around. There were times that supervisors and security were working over time to stop any attacks towards truckers. This is not viable in the long term because of the burn outs that are happening. The restricted crime zone has reduce the issue to a certain extend in regards to mugging or robberies around the port area. But there are minor trespassing on and off which ports security teams can handle. So I do not see an issue with the current rule. To be frank robberies towards truckers happen because Illegal rpers think truckers are armed to the teeth which is not true in most cases.
  6. I think recent update has caused a lot of issues because it seems to have affected my clock speed. I will try your method and see if it works.
  7. I know about the American system but I just assume it is lower because of the amount of minors in the city. Second you just proved the point by confirming that is the only RP they engaged in. Third nothing about unrealistic in having minors at server the point is if you look there are more reports, bad portrayal of IC such having assault weapons at the age of 13 or going to businesses rping as annoying pricks just to get a reaction. I have seen a lot of people out right ignoring Minors rping with them because of the fear of trolling due to this issue. So because of this it limits their RP potential example I have seen IC running away of Minors because they think they are robbing them even though that is not always the case. I think most uses minors to troll as they can say it is part of their character and use as a defense. You wont be surprised how many times it works.
  8. The problem with minor character is that they are portraying the IC inaccurately. It becomes annoying seeing minor characters sometimes roaming around and sometimes the right to be trollist because they are minors. Of course not all of them are like that as there are good portrayals I have seen of them from illegal Rpers and legal ones. The point is what is the point of them appearing in the server when there are no supports or servers mechanics. For an example I thought minors were for the university faction but they take people over the age of 18 years old, as I know a friend who was denied due to this. There is no purpose for minors unless there is some support like from the government or try to explore other types of RP. Otherwise what we see is two types illegal rpers and normal rpers that tend to be annoying as they have nothing else to do.
  9. Username: AmericanPatroits99 Comment: Our tax dollars at work to feed our new kings and queens. Our founding fathers didn't play polo after founding this great country. Yet we have kings that we didn't elect and not solving basic problems instead just neglecting the citizenry by having parties while the city burns all night.
  10. Username: AmericanPatroits99Comment: The government needs to do two things at Davis. It is becoming bad to worst, first the entire area of Davis needs to be put on Martial law and the second is LSSD needs to patrol here often thus give them UNLIMITED POWER. We are in a crises and thus some sacrifices need to be made.
  11. Username: AmericanPatroits99Comment: Get cancer you fuck and suck my fat asshole.
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