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  1. My asking price is: $125.000 ((35K MP + 30K furniture)). Email me if you are interested, thanks.
  2. Don't except to see big drug trades on the topic, the entire idea is to portrait a small crew of the second generation of Ukrainians-Russians living a hard life, being dominated by the emotions and the poor lifestyle. All the concerns and questions can go thru my pm.
  3. The grammar's like that because we want to create a realistic atmosphere around our character's choices in life, that leaves a lot of room for character progression.
  4. Looking to buy a sport bike, shoot me some offers and details.
  5. This topic will follow the story of Viktor Ruban, Ilya Lyzlov, Levin Pavlovich and Sviatoslav Preobrazhensky. Four people from unfavorable environments trying to improve their lives.
  6. 12 September 1987 the twins Olesya and Viktor are born in their parents' home on Goma Street, Los Santos.Olesya is the Ruban family's favourite, receiving all the attention of her parents and their godfather, Bohdan Dudnyk, a well-known car dealer who occupies the south side of Los Santos The years go by and Viktor grows up in the shadow of his sister, a tall, dark-haired, plump woman who frequents clubs with various well-known local figures. Viktor tries to bring his sister down to earth, being an avid philosopher he enrolls his sister in a book club he frequents. 13 January 2005, h
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