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  1. The issue is that the kidnappings literally aren't planned. They're planned in the same way as robberies are; roll around, find random person, do crime at them. It's unrealistic and shit, unfun roleplay that can forcefully sap several hours of your time whether you like it or not. Would you like to be forced to roleplay in the trunk of a car for five hours, just because somebody felt like kidnapping a random stranger? This is a thing that literally happens; as SWAT and PD in general, I see it multiple times a week. Untargeted, unplanned, unmotivated, and it always lasts SEVERAL hours, during which the victim can do next to nothing. Ask yourself this: would you like to be locked in a small box with precisely no roleplay for multiple hours? You have to stay at your keyboard, and if you close the game, you'll be ajailed, definitively. That's literally what the vast majority of kidnappings on the server are. If that's your idea of fun, I don't know what to tell you. EDIT: I should clarify planned kidnappings aren't the issue, which is what I'm trying to get at here. If you've got a good reason to take a specific someone to the woods to do whatever, that makes sense. But the non-targeted nonsense has to stop, seriously.
  2. Every day I beg for this. I pray on my hands and knees. No, really, this should be a thing. There's buggy hairstyles in, there's hairstyles that look like they're ported from a game 35 years old, there's duplicate hairstyles that are unnecessary. If a bloated file is the issue, there's absolutely justification to replace some of the objectively bad ones with ones that... y'know, work.
  3. I'm not going to lie, part of the reason I resigned as an LSPD Detective is because scenes were an unfun mess of shit roleplay. I've had to order patrol cops to LTL people that walk into a murder scene without warning, because they'll literally run up to bodies to steal shit with cops on scene, or sprint/drive through a scene to get somewhere 0.3 seconds faster, which realistically destroys evidence. I'll stress this happens several times per scene, not just once, and not once every few scenes. Multiple times per.
  4. Absolutely agree. Before joining (given I had no GTA RP experience), I wondered what the legal system/culture was like; being able to see the courts at least gives one the perspective that it's certainly in depth, even if they can't see what the full breadth is like.
  5. Sabess

    Corrupt LSPD

    Correct, we have no such tier system. Just a vague "ask permission" thing that works fine for singular incidents but makes it difficult to get more general permissions.
  6. I would prefer a /tackle script, but until that comes, I would actually support this. It's not even necessarily about "should secruity/etc" have tasers from a realism sense; fact is, there's actually no way to stop someone from running from you script-wise unless you have a taser. For random civilians, this is rarely an issue, but for security, it's sometimes necessary to stop someone moving non-lethally, especially if they're running around in a fistfight or something like that.
  7. Sabess

    Corrupt LSPD

    I won't air out our specific issues with our corruption system at length (which is fortunately being revised), but in short, it's very hard to get consistent permission for any pattern of behaviour in the LSPD, and there's no set system in place other than "contact high up people". It's outdated and being worked upon. The LSSD has a much more clear system that allows more people to apply, from my understanding, and therefore they have a lot more corrupt roleplay.
  8. Short description: Add /cleanvehicle or something along those lines to clean vehicles that can't go through the carwash. Detailed description: Currently, helicopters, airplanes and (I think) boats are subject to dirt levels, with the model changing appropriately. However, there's no way to actually clean them without the aid of the Fire Department, as their firetrucks clean dirt off of vehicles they spray. Obviously, this is pretty inconvenient for everybody involved, and generally means that these vehicles don't get cleaned at all; even if you roleplayed sponging one down by hand, you'd need an admin or FD to clean it script wise. Therefore, I suggest adding some sort of command to facilitate cleaning this vehicle, with the stipulation that you'd have to roleplay hosing them down or something similar. Alternatively, just any system for cleaning them (even script car washes at the airport and at the docs or something) would work, too. Commands to add: /cleanvehicle or something similar. Items to add: N/A How would your suggestion improve the server? Allows people to clean vehicles that cannot be cleaned in the car wash, improving realism and ensuring that we don't end up with every aircraft/boat dirty as hell. Additional information: N/A
  9. Australian here, been playing GTAW for about 2 years. There's definitively certain issues, and ping does exist, but it's far from unplayable. Small adjustments may need to be made (for example, if I wanted to PIT a vehicle by tapping its side whilst behind it, I would actually need to hit it slightly past the hood for it to sync correctly most of the time), but it's nothing gamebreaking. I win gunfights without issue, participate in pursuits (as an LSPD member), etc. Melee might be the worst example, but that doesn't sync well currently even with perfect ping. Plenty of Australians/Oceanic players are on the server; I know of about 10 that are in LEO factions alone, and there's plenty more.
  10. For multiple people, myself included, scripts suddenly stopped functioning. We could move around and see each other moving, but no commands worked, chat didn't function, etc. Nothing specific seemed to trigger this, and it happened for all of us at the same time. Occurred for: Wirbelwind, Miles Morgan, Cody Bonaventura, and several people reporting it in the GTAW discord. EDIT: Server was restarted/set back to stable version before I could relog, so I'm unsure if that would fix it or if this was server-wide.
  11. i would give you reddit gold if this was reddit and gold wasn't basically a scam 10/10
  12. Sabess


    People do have to specifically go out of their way to become investigators in both PD and SD, but most investigators have a specific focus, i.e gangs or homicide, which is why you may see certain investigators not doing specific investigations. It likely wouldn't be any different even in a separate faction, unless said faction was dedicated to one specific type of investigation, at which point it'd be incredibly niche and likely understaffed. I don't have a problem with factions like SABI, just putting this out here as information.
  13. I just want a more interesting map. It doesn't seem to be a popular opinion (and admittedly, it is my personal preference), but I don't like LS very much. Most of the county is kind of boring to me, which leaves the city too small. Plus, I don't like deserts, so. That's not really objective, but I just don't like deserts. Or warm climates, for that matter.
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