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  1. I apologize i was occupied, available right now.
  2. I'll take it off of you Number: 428-42-605
  3. I have a basic knowledge of the automotive anatomy but I will gladly work and learn without pay under your circumstances. If you are interested you can call me at (4219-4280) or shoot me an email. Thank you for your time.
  4. If you remove mechanic roleplay then you would have to remove many other forms of roleplay that require you to "roleplay with an inanimate object that cant respond to you at all". Imagine if truckers didn't roleplay loading crates into a truck, or bartenders never took the time out to "type out arbitrary lines" in order to create your drink. I see what your saying in it not being meaningful roleplay, but you have to understand that this is what creates a more enjoyable and realistic server in the long run. (Everyone has their right to an opinion and I respect yours)
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