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  1. We aim to ensure that our Alta project generates the least amount of waste possible and that processes shall be employed that ensure the generation of as little waste as possible including prevention of damage due to mishandling, improper storage, contamination, inadequate protection or other factors as well as minimising over packaging and poor quantity estimating. Of the inevitable waste that is generated, disposal to landfills and cleanfills shall be minimised. This means maximising reuse and recycling of job site waste. At a minimum, the waste materials designated in this specification shall be reused and/or recycled. For this purpose, Horizon Developers is looking to sub-contract waste-management for the waste generated at the site. The sub-contrator shall • conform to applicable regulations for disposal and removal of common and hazardous waste • handle and dispose of all hazardous and banned materials in accordance with national and local regulations – these hazardous and banned materials include but are not limited to asbestos, underground storage tanks, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), abandoned chemicals (petrol, pesticides, herbicides, flammable and combustible substances), freon from cooling equipment, lead-based paints, smoke detectors and mercury-containing switches. • Ensure the debris of the following materials is recycled as opposed to classified as 'waste'. – concrete/brick/concrete block – asphalt – bricks, tiles and concrete blocks – all metal – plasterboard – vegetation – treated timber – untreated timber – corrugated cardboard – plastic and polystyrene – soil – any building components – insulation • Make use of containers and signage: Description of bins/containers that will be used and the signage that will be used on the containers• Follow the materials handling and storage procedures: Identification of measures to be taken to prevent contamination of materials to be reused or recycled and to ensure materials are consistent with requirements for acceptance by designated facilities.• Decide whether on-site separation will occur and how materials will be stored: Note that, where space permits, source separation is recommended. Where materials must be co-mingled they must be taken to a processing facility for separation off site.Interested companies may bid on the tender by directly e-mailing us at [email protected] in the format given below. (( PM goes to @Rusnak & @Baconlove96 ))
  2. We are still hiring. (( Anybody interested in this RP is welcome to join our discord too, to stay in the loop. https://discord.gg/cXHnzVmesN ))
  3. Wonderful work everybody, keep this up. The thread does not showcase half of the shift that go on at the construction site. Anybody interested to RP a laborer is welcome to join our discord. https://discord.gg/cXHnzVmesN
  4. (( Credits for the thread content go to @13 Ways. All forum PMs for IC inquiries go to @Baconlove96 . Anybody interested in this RP is welcome to join our discord too, to stay in the loop about the upcoming shifts. https://discord.gg/cXHnzVmesN )) ))
  5. OOC As a group, we strive to provide a realistic construction-site environment and blue collar roleplay to the server. Expect union elections & politics, various blue-collar tasks, OC influence and more. If you're interested to RP a laborer feel free to join our discord here - https://discord.gg/cXHnzVmesN
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