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  1. Gonna shamelessly bump it up with updated images ?
  2. Short description: Add a command that'd describe curent day's or even week's weather. Detailed description: Adding a command/commands in game that would display what weather it is right now or today, perfectly with an option to see it for few days or a whole week ahead. For example typing /weather now/today/week would display messages like "Weather now: 16 °C; Sunny;" or "Weather today: 12 °C; Rain 8PM to 3AM." Even getting some weekly forum posts from faction like Weezel News about following week's weather would work and really help. Commands to add: /weather now - displays a chat message on screen about current weather. Example: "Weather now: 16 °C; Sunny." /weather today - displays a chat message on screen about ongoing day's weather. Example: "Weather today: 12 °C; Rain 8PM to 3AM." /weather week - displays a chat message on screen about ongoing week's weather. Example: "Weather Monday: 25 °C; Sunny." "Weather Tuesday: 9 °C; Cloudy. Rain 7AM to 1PM." "Weather Wednesday: 16 °C; Sunny. Strong wind." and etc. Items to add: N/A. How would your suggestion improve the server? How many times during roleplay it suddenly started raining and you found yourself or anyone else doing: "/b rain?" or just standing in public place with a T-shirt saw someone in coat pass you? Probably alot, I sure did. And it is kinda weird when you look at it from realistic side. If it's like 25 degrees outside and this dude is dressed up like it's freezing, maybe he is having a flue or something or you perhaps it's you who is resistant to cold? I feel like those things happen because when picking outfits for a day, you can't pay attention to the weather, you just pick something you like and don't give it a second thought. But it would be really nice enchantment of realistic roleplay if everyone could have the same idea of weather outside and base their attire on it. And it's not only about outfit. It would give more realistic feeling when planning hiking trips, outdoor parties, going to the beach or any other events and activities held in the open. I don't know how about everyone else, but before going out or planning some activities I do always check how weather is going to be, so I (and people we have discussed this before) felt like this kind of suggestion would make roleplay a little bit more realistic. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Additional information: N/A
  3. Played it for like 2 years, was competitive player in both pvp and pve, active RP community member, but quit 3 months back and came to play GTA V here. If anyone would be interested in RP there, could help to get hooked up with the community!
  4. InsolitumIn


    After two years I have decided to show my face around again, so editing this topic to show *cough* an improved side of me. If you are interested in stalking me, feel free to: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/InsolitumIn DeviantArt: https://wwe.deviantart.com/InsolitumIn
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