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  1. Thank you brother, I've added him on Discord. Would be very nice to speak to an old friend once again!
  2. I think everybody forgot the fact that the Major Crimes Bureau in LSSD, closed down a faction last year, without the use of RICO. Magellan Avenue Crew was investigated for several months, leading to several people jumping the ship and becoming Confidential Informants. After several leadership figures got sentenced for Drug trafficking and murder charges, the rest went AFK and the faction leadership closed the curtains. I my self was part of this investigation and am currently still working OCG's, and to say that nobody really is touching them anymore, because another said LEO faction messed up, is wrong imo. Our OOC goal is not to shut down factions, but in character wise, that is my job and I'm doing my best to get as many behind bars as I can. ORGANIZED crime should be that, ORGANIZED. If you truly are organized and go beyond to cover your tracks, no Rico law will be able to touch you. I believe it would bring an incentive for factions to be more secretive and less public with their business (even if they already are doing that on an acceptable level). I'm for it, but even if it does not come through, we'll be doing our jobs.
  3. Username: MotherfromDavis Comment: To you saying that they shot towards civilians, did you miss the fact that they responded to fire by a masked individual who was firing through the crowd himself and using them as human shields? What were they supposed to do? Stand there like ducks while getting shot at? retreat and let 40 hooligans with bats and metal pipes run in on them? I wonder if you would let somebody shoot at you and your colleagues, while you were there to watch this "peaceful" protest, while just standing there and taking shots to your head. This was everything except for an peaceful protest, ten minutes prior to this, somebody ran up behind deputies and stabbed two of them. I guess they also were in the fault for getting stabbed. HYPOCRITES.
  4. Forwarded to DB for a follow up 🥲😑
  5. Username: Bluelivesmatter Comment: We will miss you Dennis, great person who always put others in front of his own interests. It saddens me that he choose this way out, I guess they could not protect him from himself when the darkest hour came. Nevertheless a LEGEND that never will be forgotten. I hope you're in a better place where no dirty ass politicians and backstabbers exist, so that you can have peace of mind and soul. Rest in Peace!
  6. I have not played for a while, but I'm looking to get back into it!
  7. No of course it does not, however if you write /me grabs his phone, or /me shakes his hand, you're just being lazy and missing the oppurtunity to add some extra flavour and depth to your character portrayal. Sometimes you need to be a bit more descriptive to be able to add those small details that make or break an character, a shaky hand because you're and old politician or a sweaty hand because your character has anxiety issues, just to name a few examples. To be a good role player is to be a good story teller, to be descriptive and able to captivate the interest of others who are involved with you in character wise, this can be done with long or short me's, the trick is to find the middle ground and stick to it. You don't have to write books nor do three word /me's, you adjust it depending on the situation that you're in.
  8. Paying Buyout. I have sent you an e-mail. Please respond there or through my phone number 3399933. Kind Regards, Jack
  9. Username: Thing goes skrrrra Comment: I wonder if the LSNN will stop its promotion and adoration of criminals? Maybe they still did not get the message?
  10. I have been enjoying role playing with you all, keep up the good work.
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