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  1. Buyout. ((I actively roleplay in the county, and I'd like to use this house to augment my roleplay out there, if possible.))
  2. Anamoly is free for those of you who may not know, and it's punishing if you have never played STALKER before, but if you read up a little bit and prepare. It's one of the best free "games" you could ever play, with plenty for you to do and explore.
  3. looks good fellas keep it goin
  4. I don't think you even read what I wrote. I was saying that I am perfectly fine with SWAT teams being able to have invincibility without the use of their weapons for snakecam or visual purposes only. If they see oh wow, there's 5 guys watching the door with weapons, maybe we should try something else. That's probably a more likely outcome than rushing in with rifles and trying their hand because it won't go well.
  5. Yeah, this video says otherwise. The subject who shot at the cops had the upper hand because he was able to see SWAT before they saw him, and SWAT couldn't return fire. The SWAT team doesn't always have the upper hand, in some cases the suspects do. Invincibility is just something that shouldn't be allowed, because people don't get invincibility in real life, and when you run through that fatal funnel, you run the risk of being fired upon. Also, I feel like SWAT would rely on that invincibility too much, making it a crutch that they would lean on often. Breaches shouldn't happen very often, bu
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