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  1. I really like this idea. I totally hate baseball but my Midwest US character would love to come watch a game or two while scratching his scruffy mustaches and backtalking his Board of Director members.
  2. Not game breaking but slows down furnishing a lot. When previewing furniture, the item gets invisible after few seconds(Some last longer). If you decide to go with that specific item then you'd have to reload furniture after every buy.
  3. I don't even see the vehicle that good. Is it so badly dented, or? What kind of rims does it have?
  4. Had the same issue basically, well kind of. Turned off windows indexer and the problem vanished mid game.
  5. it should be a choose between a forced age up or a forced memory erase of your victims, unless you get them while being in prison
  6. I don't know if related or not but I started to get some stutter lately and it turned out the windows indexer used up all the memory for some reason, so I turned it off and voilaa, PC works like a charm, for now.
  7. for fucks sake, this is some next level shit
  8. And if anyone makes a suggestion about certain items to have certain scripted results that FORCE people to actually roleplay certain things then everybody is like "MUH RPG WELP".
  9. It's not really newsworthy when everybody is a criminal.
  10. **A man with a thick beard and a truckers cap would strolls the land of Sandy Shores, casually kicking dust up with his feet when suddenly noticing the poster in question. He would cheer himself up by the thoughts he is having related to the information on said poster.**
  11. Neighbourhood watch, composed of nice law abiding citizens.
  12. This. I would do a lot more illegal RP if it wasn't so mainstream that robbers are basically robbing other robbers.
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