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  1. Username: amputeens4lyfe Comment: hell ye, im getting his autograph tattoo'd on my butt
  2. THE CRONY VIBE.. No point being outlaws if you don't party like one!
  3. CRONIES NEVER DIED... ...THE PARTY WAS JUST POSTPONED. Here we go again boys!
  4. Username: amputeens4lyfe Comment: sometimes i listen to this while im on the john. i dont know what any of it means but it relaxes my butt muscles thanks Arrow
  5. Falrock

    The O'Neill Mob

    Heeeeeelllll yeah boys.
  6. Yeah, I support this too. Lockpicking sucks right now and seems pretty pointless / unrewarding. They could at the very least make lockpicks easier to create. The prices of lockpicks just aren't worth it these days.
  7. Falrock

    K-Town 깡패

    Looking good boys but open your damn karaoke bar so Jeb can sing barbie girl again.
  8. Some of this is nice dude, keep it up.
  9. Falrock

    The O'Neill Mob

    Looking good dudes. Good to see a quality faction in Sandy.
  10. I really think they should add some kind of conflict of interest rule regarding admins handling certain reports. Pretty sure nearly everyone on the server has seen some bias in one way or another in the past with admins and I think the way to combat this would be to ensure at least some of the reports are handled by people who have no IC or OOC relationship to the reported parties involved. Not here to hate on admins, just think this is a reasonable suggestion to improve things. Thoughts?
  11. Falrock

    K-Town 깡패

    Anything conceived by my boy Crocker is always gonna be great. ?
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