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  1. It' illegal here in canada. But you still see ads like this in the newspaper.
  2. I'm interested in the Sabre turbo custom, I pay cash ! Keep it for me i'll buy it tomorrow!
  3. Which graphics and ENBs did you use?
  4. Can I see it and feel the handling before?
  5. Premium anti-theft and performance package. https://imgur.com/a/LOEDE9Z Asking for 240k ((It has everything maxed except suspension at 3/4. Lock level 3 and alarm level 3, anti-theft level 4, got GPS too and only 330 miles))
  6. Can I do a test drive? If I like the handling I'll pay 175k
  7. Looking for this beautiful muscle car. You got it? HMU!
  8. I can't choose between a hellfire, a jester, a sultan classic or a elegy retro 😞
  9. As the titles says and explain why. For drifts, for races/chases and for the looks?
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