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  1. I already suggested an extremely similar suggestion a couple months ago. This is a good expansion on that suggestion; I like the further expanding/other suggestions you've made for the general idea of it in this though. +1!
  2. +1. I think adding different kinds of melee weapons would greatly vary the roleplay for everyone involved. I.e It would change the type of RP the people in FD would have, as they would deal with more blunt force trauma cases, different kinds of wounds etc. No reason not to add more options for RP Variety.
  3. The implementation of Road Tax seems more of an attempt at fixing the existing problem of sports cars and whatnot - I don't believe it's a good system by any means whatsoever; Speaking as someone who has to enforce those laws. I personally don't like the idea of making it automated much like many others in this thread, however I would very much agree with reworking it into a system that makes more sense in a United States setting. The concept of Road Tax is a very European concept and doesn't really have a place on a US-based roleplay server. I'd +1 the idea of Insurance and Vehicle registration fees and harsher punishments for evasion of paying those - The main issue isn't that people don't pay their tax, It's that people would rather get fines and pay those instead of paying their road tax, as the fines are cheaper than the road tax itself.
  4. Perhaps if the suggestion were to make player ids a toggleable thing it would be more well-received. That way everyone can be happy.
  5. I suggested this before the forums rolled back. I’d love to be able to drop some world points on more outfit slots. Perhaps say it’s 20/30WP per slot and then a bundle pack of “10+1 outfit slots” and such.
  6. Kind of disagree with this one. While it is convenient in most one-to-one situations, if you’re prone to being in player heavy areas/situations I.e nightclubs, crime scenes, businesses etc. It adds a lot of clutter to the screen that otherwise isn’t needed. The extra two seconds it takes to type “/id be” to get Mr. Ben Smith’s ID is more than an okay system for myself if not just to avoid the eye-cluttering numbers in player’s names.
  7. Absolute no from me. People seem to have this notion that the LSPD are immune to certain rules and/or get treated with favouritism. This is just not true. We are heavily moderated on TeamSpeak by both Supervisors+ and Admins. You are held far more accountable for your actions both ICly and OOCly. If you’re caught using TeamSpeak for metagaming or improperly in any way, you’re punished. I’ve seen it happen time and time again - and in any case, while we have the use of TS, we’re almost always at a disadvantage in pursuits. If you want to talk about making it a fair playing field, then the issue of people evading the cops in sports cars should be addressed. Cop baiting as well, and PKing from pursuits. I don’t think people have any idea how oftenly people actually escape simply because they’re faster - Even with TeamSpeak and helicopters and whatnot. I agree that it would be nice to not need the use of TS, but unfortunately, the majority of illegal RPers don’t like losing, no matter the circumstances. And the PD is already at a disadvantage simply because of the choices illegal roleplayers make in the form of evading in a comet and crashing deliberately to PK and avoid jail time. Plus, it cannot and will never be denied that the real life police force will always, always always be more organised, have better communication, and should have an advantage over the majority of criminals. You don’t go through rigorous training/school to be a gangbanger.
  8. Secondin' the Conan Exiles suggestion earlier in this thread. I've RPed with a small group of people in Conan before and it's quite a nice community. It's not around anymore either, but there used to be an ARK: Survival Evolved RP Community that I was a part of for awhile, which eventually died off.
  9. I don't mean to sound rude when I say this, but when I joined the server back in.. maybe August/September time people were still saying the exact same thing you're saying right now. "It's in the works." I understand that things take time to implement, but what I don't understand is why measures can't be put in place to help fix something that players find bothersome temporarily. It just seems a very strange way to handle things by just gritting your teeth and bearing with it until something permanent is put in place.
  10. Got tired of the old setup, so this is the result.
  11. milk

    Lower paycheck rate

    This ^ I spend so much tweaking things constantly until I'm happy with my character to begin RPing on an alt and I'd have to literally grind just to create a character without those paychecks.
  12. +1 If possible. I'd love to use more skirts/shorts on my character - The available skirts etc. show far too much skin for my own liking, and this would be a great fix.
  13. If the application is done OOCly then the character itself should be OOCly looked at to see if it’s appropriate or realistic for them to receive such a lease. There are far too many people on this server that don’t mind getting a felony here or there for not paying their tax or evading police in their sports cars that it needs to be much harsher for players to receive such charges. In the real world it becomes much harder for those who have done time to find their feet, especially if they wanted to start a business. Most ex-cons here end up working as mechanics, on-site workers (Bricklayers etc.) and door-salesmen. They don’t generally get good jobs - not for a long time after they’re released. Speaking as someone who knows a fair few people who have done time.
  14. Perhaps simply changing the coding to allow for the player to actually allot a time limit on the keys if they wish would be a good call. So our standard code to permanently duplicate our keys would be the same command, but then have it as /vduplicate <length of time> for those that don’t want it to be permanent.
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