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  1. LS-RP was fun 2010-2011 when it still had some players left but then Krisk started banning motherfuckers
  2. 140,000$ (( Hit me up kulber#6647 to catch me easier))
  3. i went on a spree to commit a mass shooting for no reason -- i got instantly disconnected from reality
  4. I don't know shit about fuck bout poker, but this sounds like some rich idiot making stupid bets -- and even tho you might get fucked by it every now and then, it should be just free money for the winning hand.
  5. This thread perfectly portrayed how 9,85/10 of GTA Roleplay Server robberies go. Knife costs 12,000$ and is the dream of a PF warrior: you finally get to DM someone -- without any risk.
  6. Karin Sultan Classic for sale. Fast, angry and the best handling a car can provide. Have to sell it because of business troubles. Low mileage, exterior modifications installed by the former owner in a professional car enthusiastic garage. Sultan RS Performance package installed, which includes improved engine, transmission and brake afterparts. Suspension was left untouched, so the car is still very much viable outside of flat asphalt main roads aswell. 147,500$ NON-NEGOTIABLE ((OOC STATS))
  7. I remember Emily Green. good times
  8. What's to stop this hero from logging in and AFKing somewhere unreachable?
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