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  1. There's just some doubt for me that it'll ever reach the same roleplay level as an area like Little Seoul. The area itself just attracts the bad roleplayers.
  2. Even then, it will still get robbed every other day. Or it will turn into shootouts.
  3. Absolutely, they should be rewarded for their hard work!
  4. As someone roleplaying homeless for a while now, I go into South Los Santos on occasion. It's generally quite deserted when I go around there and Grove Street, Covenant Avenue, and Jamestown Street are a big no-go for me. The roleplay quality is just too poor for me to have any interest in going there. Civilians have no business there either as you'll be met with aggression for no apparent reason, and if you're unlucky you'll get robbed too. These are my experiences however but I do reckon it is a proper representation of these areas. And as the rest of these areas are generally deserted, except for Jamestown, there is no real reason to go there for any civilian. If the roleplay was up to standard, I would go there more often, but I doubt it will be. Roleplayers with the capability to actually roleplay generally avoid poor areas if they can.
  5. A PK means they have been killed. They haven't survived the encounter. If they get brought to the hospital and survive, they're still alive and thus can remember what happened to them. A corpse can't remember much.
  6. Selling my JoBuilt Mammatus as I have no use for it. You still have to pay for the registration, they normally cost $360,000 with registration and $300,000 without. Starting bid: $170,000 Buyout: $230,000 Current bid: N/A. Picture: ((OOC Stats: ))
  7. I have sent you an e-mail with my interest to buy your liquor store.
  8. It's not even that much if you don't have to buy a new one every day. There are so many items that have unrealistic prices, it's just what it is.
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