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  1. A lot of people have learnt and improved their English through playing text roleplay games. Judging from your post your English is miles above some people I have seen playing the server already so you shouldn't be worried about not being up to par. Jump in and have some fun and aslong as people can make out what you're trying to say you'll be fine.
  2. I'd like more rain and for it to last long than an hour or two. A forecast option would be great however I don't know how feasible this is since I'm guessing the weather is randomized.
  3. I like the current system. I wouldn't go out of my way to check advertisements every 5 minutes and so would definitely miss out on roleplay opportunities or an asset being listed for sale. The current system allows for things to catch your eye. If anything just make a way to toggle the adverts from appearing in your chat and then a command to display them all later if that's the only concern.
  4. I don't see how this is urgent or game breaking. I'd much rather move the slider to <5 IDs away and then click the buttons than spend 20 minutes giving myself carpal tunnel clicking through 300+ options one by one. No thank you, keep it.
  5. How do you expect people to kill people without it? It's a necessary part of roleplay to counter the fact that people aren't always present like they are in real life.
  6. Yes. We can barely keep up to standard cars as it is now; removing any upgrades would simply leave us useless during chases.
  7. I personally choose to ignore California's existence unless it's extremely needed; e.g someone famous gets killed in California, the California fires- you simply can't mesh these things into San Andreas without it getting tricky. Everything else I roleplay as happening in San Andreas. As for the island part, it's hard to ignore it and say you're still connected to landmass on every side as it's not like SAMP where the devs put up huge mountains due north, here I just roleplay it being an island just off the coast. I personally don't like or use the other replacement cities such as Las Venturas, Vice City and Liberty City as I find it unneeded and just complicates things more. However if somebody else mentions them I'm not going to be all weird and have a debate with them IC. This topic as a whole has hundreds of varying opinions which likely nobody will ever agree on, you should just roleplay what you want to roleplay in your own little circle and improvise if somebody roleplays otherwise.
  8. The shield of hiding behind it being IC is very overused when it comes to unjustified shootings by LEO's. It's something I personally have dealt with from all angles— as a cop, as an admin and as a criminal and I can tell you when you're on the other side it feels like DM. If you're killed there is no option to pursue it IC; it's not like real life where there's the potential for hundreds of people to be in the area of a shooting who are able to record the incident or bare witness such as the recent killing of George Floyd— our playerbase doesn't allow for that level of realism. If the line is thin such as someone pulling out their cellphone while being told to put their hands up and they get shot then I'd say it should be dealt with IC but fragrant cases where shootings are obviously not justified should be dealt with the same as if it had happened with another non-leo player. I've never liked the idea of LEO's being able to get away with 'DM' just because they have IA who can potentially investigate the shooting instead— rulebreaks are rulebreaks.
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