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L.S. Marina Yacht Club

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  1. https://www.lsmyc.com Since its construction and start of operation in February 1941 to date, Los Santos Marina Yacht Club has established itself as the first world-class marina in Los Santos. Each new service and installation that LSMYC has been putting, and will make available to its members and guests, has served, due to its highly functional characteristics, exclusivity, quality and distinction, so that an increasingly important group of new members adheres to your proposal of good taste and enjoyment of the sea, reaching as of February 2020 more than 20 members out of a
  2. LOS SANTOS MARINA YACHT CLUB Los Santos Marina Yacht Club as a loyal partner of Pegasus Group is also open for employment positions within the establishment. The most important thing for us is costumer satisfaction and we must all strive as a group to share our professional service to them at all times. JOB AVAILABILITIES STATUS RESTAURANT CHEF BARTENDER SERVERS
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