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  1. Detailed Description Please allow us to change the chatbox font outline thickness and color and the chatbox background color to make it easer to read the chat in various light conditions. For example, during the day, a thicker dark font outline could make it easier to read the chat, while in the dark, during the night, a brighter outline could be more helpful. Sometimes it's hard to see what's behind the dark chatbox's background and these new options could help in certain situations. There is a chatbox opacity option in /settings. It would be great if we could change it's color. With the font outline thickness and color option and with the chatbox background opacity and color feature, we could choose one or the other, or combine them to make it even easier to read the chat. Relevant Commands/Items /fontoutlinethickness or /fos /fontoutlinecolor or /foc /chatboxbackgroundcolor or /cbbc How will it benefit the server? Could make it easier to read the chat for some people.
  2. I'm glad it's working for you. Are you using desktop capture in the privacy controls to record everything? Or is it turned off and shadowplay only records the game?
  3. Hi! Thank you for sharing the information. Sadly that doesn't work for me, hence why I use OBS for now. Desktop capture in privacy control is turned off for me, as I'd like to record only the game with NVIDIA Shadowplay's Instant Replay. I've added ragemp_v.exe to program settings of manage 3d settings in nvidia control panel as you've advised. While in game, bringing up the overlay with alz+z and clicking on record, or on instant replay's save or using the hotkeys for these functions, or trying to take a screenshot does nothing for me. Outside of the game, on my desktop, if I press alz+z to bring up the menu and click on record, it prompts me to enable desktop capture (which I wouldn't like to do). I've also restarted NVIDIA LocalSystem Container and NVIDIA Display Container LS In Services (services.msc), multiple times in multiple system reboots. I've also made sure, that the NVIDIA tasks are running in Task Scheduler (taskschd.msc). I've also uninstalled the NVIDIA Driver using DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller), then reinstalled it multiple times. I've also deleted the NVIDIA folders from C:\ProgramData. If there is anything else I could try, please let me know. Thank you.
  4. Text guide: Image guide: How to add a simple filter to game capture to make the recorded video brighter: How to add a hotkey to capture screenshots:
  5. Thank you both for your comments and advices. Very nice of you. 👍
  6. Hi! Thank you for your comment. You're right. I took it too seriously and used /b too much. I've thought I can log off safely, thinking the roleplay was over. 😞
  7. Dear community. I've tried to contact the admin team on DEC. 14, 2021. Unfortunately I didn't receive a message back from them yet. I have shadowplay footages and chat logs, which I wouldn't like to share publicly until an admin orders me to do so. I've noticed on DEC/14/2021, I have a warning on my UCP with a date of October 21, 2021, 14:13. The situation also involves an admin. The situation happened on October, 21, 2021, 11:21:00 (server time). I was not contacted, or talked to, about the warning by anyone. The warning states: "Decided to log off immediately after receiving a ticket, was hostile to the officer's over /b". After I've received the traffic ticket from the police officers, I've waited for the officers to finish their roleplay. They've said their good bye sentences, one officer was at the police cruiser, the other one was near, very close to the cruiser when I've logged off. I've thought, I'm free to log off after the roleplay is over. About the traffic ticket: The IC Penal Code has been changed on October 4, 2021 by vrb. I was not aware of the change regarding Penal Code 1212. The rule has been changed from something like "slow down and if nobody is there, then proceed", to "the traffic light displays a red light, the driver must stop". I've joined the server back in April. I've thought that a significant change like this, would be highlighted somewhere, or talked about on the forums or on discord. If it was, then I've missed it badly. As I've mentioned earlier, I've joined the server back in April. I've been ticketed before on different characters, I was familiar with traffic stops and getting ticketed by police officers. I've spent most of my time driving taxis, garbage and cargo trucks. I've accumulated 1913.1 hours on the server. I've spent most of it driving trucks. The traffic stop: I was driving my truck on Popular Street of La Mesa. In and before reaching the intersections, I've kept looking around for incoming traffic and also slowed down to 30 MPH and below as I've used to do, while the server was in the early hours of the morning - EU time, with very low amount of active users and empty roads. A bit later a police cruiser has appeared from the distance and pulled me over. The officers thought I've been speeding with my truck, but I've had the speed limiter active and set to 60. They were too far to be sure. I've explained to the officers that I was not speeding and I've abided the traffic laws. Then I've been accused of "flying back there" (with the speed limiter active and set to 60). To show them, I wasn't speeding, I've showed them the dashcam footage ICly in good faith. Link: https://streamable.com/uhrmqy This footage has been used against my character, since they were too far to see, if the traffic light were red or not. They were also too far to estimate exact speed of the truck. If they used a speed camera, they would knew, I was not speeding. The dashcams were installed on my truck ICly. The truck had dashcam custom items in the truck's inventory and the roleplay about installing them, were also been done and logged. To my surprise the IC Penal Code has been changed, which I didn't know about and I've got ticketed for not stopping at the red light (the intersection was empty - no incoming traffic). I've tried to explain to the officers in /b, that I had no intention to break any Penal Code rule / law, which for them, seemed like, that I'm hostile and there also has been a misunderstanding, as I was not able to express what I've meant and it made them think, I've been telling them how to do their job ICly (at least, that's what one of the officers told me back then in /b). I regret going into /b and I'm sorry if I've ruined the roleplay for them. I was just very confused and frustrated in that moment, as something like this hasn't happened to me before (I've tried to abide the traffic law to my knowledge, but the penal code has been changed, and the dashcam footage has been used against my character). After logging off, I've deleted my character, which I had around 640 hours on and made a new one. I've done this, in hope to avoid any problems, as it seemed to me, that they had a problem with my character. A bit later that day, I've made a new character and I was online for the rest of the day. I've made a new character on [DATE: 21/OCT/2021 | TIME: 13:30:53] and I was online until [16:41:45]. I've logged back in at [DATE: 21/OCT/2021 | TIME: 17:41:12] and was online until [19:40:15]. Then I've logged back in again at [DATE: 21/OCT/2021 | TIME: 20:01:09] and was online until [21:41:27]. Then once again I've logged back in at [DATE: 21/OCT/2021 | TIME: 21:48:17] and was online until [22:08:09]. Then again I was back online at [DATE: 21/OCT/2021 | TIME: 22:17:13] and was online until [DATE: 22/OCT/2021 | TIME: 00:51:39] I'm sorry if I've missed, or didn't notice the admin were looking for me, to talk to me about the situation. I've checked my chat log assistant's logs from that day, but I couldn't find anything regarding receiving a warning. I didn't knew, what I've done would worth a warning and I'd have been happy, if I'd had been contacted by the admin and the officers regarding the situation in game, or on the forums to discuss it or reroleplay it. I've learnt from my mistakes and I'm sorry again for expressing my frustration and confusion in /b and for ruining the officer's roleplay. Chat Log link (I've anonymized the participants): https://justpaste.it/4514p The traffic stop footage (linking it again): https://streamable.com/uhrmqy May someone from staff, would be so kind and contact me about this please? Dear community. Do you think I was hostile towards the officers? Do you think I've logged out too soon after I've received the traffic ticket? Do you think the 30 minute rule apply to finished traffic stop roleplays? Leaving the game just after an active situation, it is best to wait 30 minutes as people might be actively looking for your character Do you think the roleplay was not over yet in my case? Sorry for my mediocre English and for the grammar mistakes. I'm very tired. Thank you for reading through this and for your comments. Have a nice weekend!
  8. +1. Please add dashcams and other types of cameras like gopros to general / hardware stores.
  9. +1. Please also add the ability to unlock the phone with a slash command. Like /ph (or /phu, etc.) 1234. Thank you.
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