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  1. Forum PM me and we’ll work out a time. Sorry for the lack of replies, been busy! This can be closed as Amilia has won the bidding.
  2. Fair enough, @AmiliaBryson Are you free tomorrow evening to collect the keys to the property and sign over the deeds to you?
  3. @AmiliaBryson Due to the below offer of 120k, I will be extended this offer until tomorrow for you to reply. Noted, thank you. However, I'll increase this sale end date until tomorrow out of courtesy for the other bidder. Hope you don't mind.
  4. Noted, will leave this open until tomorrow evening (Wednesday 26th Jan) Thank you!
  5. Selling a simple yet lovely two bedroom open living area apartment. Located in the Del Perro area on Sandcastle Way. Please see below pictures. Please feel free to contact me via email ((Forum PM)) if you need any more pictures, information or a viewing. Starting bid: $115,000 Buyout: $200,000 Bid Increments of $5,000 Thank you for taking the time to look at this advert. (( ))
  6. I’m interested, would you take a swap?
  7. Withdraw this mate, sorry! Good luck with sale. Absolutely lovely looking track car or a proper sexy midnight runner.
  8. I'm interested for 170, you about? Or can do 100 along with my Obey Rocoto, full performance package with turbo.
  9. I thought I was outbid, so I've looked elsewhere. Thank you anyway!
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