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  1. Well, no longer needed. (( L&A ))
  2. Looking to purchase a Coil Taranis, preferably with performance mode and the upgraded security package. I don't mind if it's stock though.
  3. It's yours now if you're available.
  4. Starting Bid: $45,000 Buyout: $65,000
  5. Found one already, sorry. I'll be withdrawing my offer. Best of luck selling it going forward!
  6. Looking to sell my fully electric 2021 Pfister Neon, equipped with performance mode, autopilot, and an aftermarket security system. Interested in trading for a Raiden with the right amount on top, however not accepting any other trades. SB: $420,000 Buyout: $450,000 Pictures:
  7. I'll take it off your hands for $560,000, cash. You still around?
  8. It's yours. Shoot me your contact details to [email protected] (( Forum PM )).
  9. Lookin to buy a house or luxury apartment in the city somewhere, preferably the hills.
  10. 2020 Pegassi Bati 801 Please post offers below, looking for 90k. This includes an insurance policy with eight (8) and a half months of coverage. (( OOC STATS ))
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