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  1. Thats correct! Just a local one, no email.
  2. So Rockstar prompted me to create a new windows profile and try it. And to my bewilderment, everything fired right up. Tried again on my normal profile and it works now.. All my outfits were completely janked though. Can you get reimbursed? Other than that I believe this topics done with. Many thanks everyone!
  3. The stock tether software is locked on my device. The model came out before the provider offered tethering plans. The boot loader is also locked and no public root method was ever achieved that I know of so I couldn't edit the prop to unlock it. They built a new tower near me and surprisingly it works better than the over priced and over sold land line "broadband" that's available. PDA net is pretty hit and miss with compatibility especially on newer phones since the updated android versions have more counter measures for such activities. But anyway it does work on my setup and Ive played gta online with it in the past. Its something with windows 10 or GTA itself im almost sure. Ive started a support ticket with rockstar. Hopefully if I can solve the offline mode issue then RAGE will work as intended. Buuut its almost never that easy. lol
  4. I dont think it can be called a VPN but I use PDA net to run internet through my phone. It does have a setting to "Hide tether usage" Which i believe modifys the TTL (time to live) settings to make the packets look like theyre coming only from a phone. Everything works fine with this setting turned on except gta 5 online on my PC or ps4. It will cause an error saying something along the lines of "failed to download required files from Rockstar" when trying to go online. Doesnt affect red dead on ps4 though. So I just turn the setting off when playing GTA. Other than that, no. So Ive discovered my games now launching in offline mode even through the stock launcher. This is a new issue as I played online a few weeks ago. Thats likely one of my problems.
  5. So everything seems to work fine until the game launches, it scrolls the yellow loading bar saying "Loading RAGE Multiplayer" for a few moments, Then it switches to the default white spinning icon with the same message. Ive left it here for 20 minutes before but its just stuck. I think its supposed to say "Initialing RAGE Multiplayer" after. Ive verified game files, deleted all the rage files and reinstalled, Downloaded the server game files from the discord link. Turned virus scanner off. No mods. The same install works on my windows 7 hdd but Ive had many problems trying to get it to work on my windows 10 ssd and sorted through them but Ive hit a wall with this. Also if I hit the home button the social overlay says its in offline mode, not sure if that's relevant. Any help would be very appreciated. Thank you for your time!
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