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  1. I didn't know you and I hadn't heard of you until today. I am sure I'd have been very lucky to get to know you, it does sounds like we have a lot to thank you for. May you rest in peace Chief Patty.

  2. *Username: MissE *Rating (( 1-5 stars)): 5 *Comment: This was probably one of the better experiences I've had in when visiting a store, the service was on point and the staff really know their stuff! I will for sure be returning and advise anyone reading this to do t he same.
  3. I say no, only for the reason... When your getting mugged, kidnapped or runover every other day, at this rate. You'll send more time Roleplaying recovery from the injuries, than actually getting the Roleplay you want to do.
  4. Can confirm. I play as a Lifeguard. And honestly? In recent times it's difficult for to do any real Beach/Lifeguard RP. Heck, we would love to interact with people, and create a lot of passive and enjoyed civ RP in the beach area. But if we're not in our vehicles, we get robbed, or held at gun point.. I could probably make a montage of all the footage I've seen of Lifeguard and Firefighters being targeted for crime. My character was even RUN over. It apparently takes less roleplay to attempt to kill someone than it takes to for a LEO or LG/EMS/FF to press a button on the service radio? All good and well to say but LEO this and criminal RPer that but there are more than just LEO and Criminal RPers on the server. There are so many good opportunities for Roleplay, which EVERYONE can part take in, new businesses can open. This can create interesting Roleplay where people can just hangout and have fun, regardless if you're planning to break into a house or you're swat planning a raid. A business owner ain't going to know you, they aren't really going to care 9/10 they just want to provide you with their goods and services and move on. People wanting to roleplay on the beach should be allowed to do so without expecting to get robbed every time they try. Heck! I would love for PETTY crime on the beach. "Hey Lifeguards, My bag is stolen, or Hey Lifeguards someone is painting graffiti on your wall." There isn't always a need to escalate to violence and shootings or heck even kidnappings, and that's the core problem here from my view things are too extreme because people I don't know? Want to play it all ganged up. I live in a country where crime is really high, I live in a country who has a city with one of the highest crime rates and from personal IRL experience most crime is opportunistic, stealing unattended items or pickpocketing someone, snatching their bag, or smashing the car window to take items left on the passenger seat. No need for guns blazing pew pew pew business. All it takes is communication and a simple /do /me or even PM like "Did John Doe, your character leave items on the floor? Do they have something on their car seat?" I am not sure what my point is, but I fully agree with the OP here and honestly think something needs to be done and the mentality from both sides needs change.
  5. Email sent. - 311 Spanish Avenue is considered Sold.
  6. Modern elegance and simplicity are expressed in this comfortable Spanish Avenue apartment. Bright and welcoming, it consists of a large open plan living room , a fully equipped kitchen, a pretty double bedroom (1 Bedroom) as well as a spacious bathroom. Suitable for singles or for couple who want to enjoy a comfortable stay. Full Address: 311 Spanish Avenue - Floor 4, Room 1 Starting: $187 793 Bid Increments: $10 000 Buyout: $250 000 Pictures Exterior Image: ((Propery Info))
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